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Artist: Heavy D. & The Boyz
Album:  Big Tyme
Song:   Here We Go Again, Y'All
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Heavy D]
Ooooh, la la la, la di da di
Look at all the cuties swingin in the party
Mmm, there goes one standin in the corner
Yo D.O. hold up (aiyyo whattup?)
My approach, must be done smoothly
I tell the crew, aiyyo don't leave me
I'll be back somebody gimme a pen
(NOW WHAT?) I'm pushin up, so here we go again..

Here we go again.. here we go!

Me and the cutie on a, cutie stroll
or, me and my crew on the cutie patrol
It really doesn't matter, as long as I get one
and have some fun before the night is done so I
jet upstairs, make sure they're ready
Call Wiz, T-Roy, Nik Dane Chris and Eddie F
so he can bring his DJ set
And collect respect and jet connect
the two Technics as I get the microphone sound check
Now, throw my Nike's on with my Dapper Dan suit
Drop the top on the Saab, and get ready to troop
Pump up the volume on the Benzi, let the music flow
Throw the car in drive, and I'm ready to go
Pull up in front of the joint, all eyes on the Saab
"Damn he's still livin large!" Aiyyo, it ain't hard..
.. cause here we go again..

Here we go again.. here we go!
Here we go again.. 

Aiyyo, y'all remember this?
Break it down..

{*DJ Eddie F scratches and plays breaks*}
{*record suddenly stops and rewinds*}

Last chapter, I gotta rap ta
this with a twist and if I miss then I'll have ta
throw a tune on, move on, groove on, soothe on
Go to a jam, and prove I'm smooth on
the microphone the throne I own I stand alone
and carry a tone from here to home so
from beginnin to end, now til then
Heavy D's in the house, so here we go again

{*samples and ad libs until the end*}