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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz
Album:  Big Tyme
Song:   Flexin'
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I'm flexin! That's right y'all
The Overweight Lover MC Heavy D's in effect
This record goes out to my whole crew in money-earnin Mount Vernon
Cause we are definitely flexin, y'knahmsayin?
We gon' kick it somethin like this
Yo Eddie F, drop it

[Heavy D]
My system - done in oral concept {?} does the sound check
Eddie F gettin paid as he slayed on the fade flex
Cash a top priority, clothes in much variety
I won't be schooled I'm rulin in society
Lyrics for your backbone, used to play the saxophone
My voice is deep, when I speak, makes me a baritone
Girlies by the phone book, money like a swift crook
A brother had beef I said peace and we hand shook
Ladies, and gentlemen, the crowd I like to settle them
Peace love and Heaviness is definitely the element
Back up, I'm comin to invade your section
Won't be any room, when I start flexin - flexin
I'm flexin; I'm flexin - flexin
I'm flexin

[Heavy D]
Gettin funky on a flip like a monkey on a beam
like a junkie on a pole, me weak? I just peak and get stronger
What I'm doin is freestylin, meanwhile I'm profilin
Jettin settin gettin paid - keeps me smilin
Girlies on the dance floor, Dwight is what the D stands for
After ev-ery show you want an encore
Peep what $20 bust, rollin on the tour bus
Never leave without your raincoat, could be dangerous
Money-earnin Mount Vernon's where I live and chill at
At the rest I confess is where I build at
Hands clap, feet tap, fingers snap, when I rap
Not another brother that could rip this drum track
Nikes on my toe tip, Coke not a sniff or a hit but a sip it's legit
You got any questions? Aim 'em to my direction
Gimme some room~! I'ma start flexin, I'm flexin
I'm flexin - flexin; I'm flexin - break it down!
Eddie F... the Overweight Lover Heavy D
You gotta know what I mean

[Heavy D]
Flexin, what comes next and, keepin 'em in check and
put me on last cause shop I'm wreckin
Open up the stage door, clear off the stage floor
Enter the spot, the mic is what I head for
You want it, you got it, come get it, get wit it, it's yours
Once again the Overweight Lover packs the dance floor area
Mass hysteria
Try to get near to ya, people I swear to ya
the place was sweatbox, line went around the block
Went outside, a brother had another in a headlock
Somethin 'bout a chain snatched, almost got his butt waxed
Cop rolled up, broke it up, wanted the facts
Me I kept steppin, mindin my own neck and
kept on walkin in the other direction
Didn't really know what happened in that section
I was gettin busy on the inside flexin
I'm flexin - flexin, I'm flexin! Huh huh, here we go
Flexin... on top of things boy!!

DJ Eddie F is flexin
G-Wiz is flexin, T-Roy is flexin
East coast is flexin
The West coast is flexin
And the New York Knicks is definitely, flexin
Flexin... ahh get funky
Eddie F, Big Daddy Pete Rock
CL Smooth, Chris {?}, Joe Flack, Kay Gee
Flex, brothers