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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz
Album:  Big Tyme
Song:   Big Tyme
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Heavy D]
Flowin like water you oughta, get your tape recorder
So you can sorta sporta, the new order
from the Overweight Lord of, Lovers
Brothers get respect because I give respect to brothers
and others on the agenda, try to remember
I can rock a party from September to September
Meaning all year round, I can throw down
Sound for sound, round for round, pound for pound
Now~! I'ma take charge, still "Living Large"
I'm not soft, soft as the moth, soft is DeBarge
I'm a giant, a major, apply it to the industry
They are the Boyz, and I emcee Heavy D
Now I'ma flip, cause the flip is a trip
Later on I'ma rip, cause the rip is legit
Now I'ma go up, show up, blow up, and make you hold up a sign
sayin Heavy D is +Big Tyme+

[Heavy D]
We capped the rap a handclap or tap
The original boss, "Big Stuff" is back
And for those of you, who are not quite sure
plus the Boyz is three, plus me makes the four
plus lyrical... imperial
No need to discuss an A+ for my material
I'm the over-dominant, over-prominent
Over-delightful, Overweight Lover emcee
The capital H-E-A-V-Y dash D
The original that's why there's no apostrophe S
Cause I have been blessed, to impress
And may I suggest that you invest
your body and time to mind digest
You prefer me because I'm more than less
And I've been blessed, like a bag of buddha sess
You know what comes next - I'm +Big Tyme+
Strictly +Big Tyme+
I'm +Big Tyme+
Strictly +Big Tyme+

{*Eddie F scratching interlude*}

[Heavy D]
Hurry hurry step right up, take a listen
I'm in position, cause Heav is on a mission
I'ma do up, so bring your crew up, so I can show up
the section, I'ma start flexin, listen to direction
Time to wax you, who's next in order?
Flowin like water, smooth like butter
Design of a brother like the Overweight Lover
From A to Z, there's only one Heav' D
Nobody but me in my category
I'm six foot two, a half an inch from three
And all the young ladies just adore me
Cause I am Heavy D, D and I'm +Big Tyme+

DJ Eddie F, is +Big Tyme+
{*Eddie F cuts and scratches*}