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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz
Album:  Big Tyme
Song:   A Better Land
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.]
America is essentially a dream, a dream as yet unfulfilled
It is a dream of a land where men of all races
of all nationalities and of all creeds
can live together as brothers.
We hold these truths to be self-evident
that all men, are created equal.

[Heavy D]
Here we go
On the news, bad news is all the news you'll ever see (pity pity)
The rich gettin richer while the poor still live in poverty (ain't it a shame)
I don't understand why you can't lend a helping hand
to another man, who is your brother man
Times must change, now here's the plan
Let's make this land a better land

[Chorus] {*cuts and scratched lines*}
"We've gotta make this land a better land"
"I know, we can make"
"In the world in which we live"

[Heavy D]
Oh uh-oh excuse me - yo man you stepped on my foot
And for that, you feel a brother's life should be took?
Don't be ridiculous, come on and get with this
movement for improvement, together we'll get rid of this
set back, and in fact, the knowledge, that we lack
we'll gain back, and retrack, the steps that, we lost back
when times were hard, but things are gettin better
They said when it's cold, one should wear a sweater
Crack - a substance, smoked by the idiots
Sold by the thoughtless, allowed by the government
Those who speak politically, it's all trickery
I don't get with fools and fools they can't get with me
Well well well looka here, guess what happened?
A fight at a concert and they blamed it on rapping
Don't you have anything else better to do
than to diss rap and the things that we do?
Make it a better land


[The Boyz: repeat 2X]
We've gotta make this land, a better land
{"Take you on a Heavy D tour"}
We've gotta make this world, a better world
{"Take you on a Heavy D tour"}

[Heavy D]
Each night before I sleep, on my knees I pray
{?} to God to see me through the very next day
Although I often wonder why, our parents they cry
The situation in society brings tears to their eyes
Little kids chew your bubblegum, go on and have your fun
Stay in school don't be a fool and you will overcome
Ah~! A new President, to run the residence
That's who you voted for, was it an accident?
When you see me, don't diss me, just wish me good luck
It's you that I'm here for without you I would be stuck
So when I'm in town, don't put me down, give me a pound
I'm not a ruler or a king, not tryin to wear a crown
You're goin too fast, slow down, or soon you will
find yourself appearin at your very own funeral
You caught a bad hand
Let's make this land a better land

[Chorus] - ad libbed scratches to end