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Artist: H.A.W.K. f/ Chamillionaire, Devin the Dude, Trae
Album:  Endangered Species
Song:   Coming Home
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Baby girl, I think it's time
For me to unwind, and change your last name to mine
Let's go on, put the past behind
You are my sunshine, and let's make it like old times
We together, like A and B
And I cannot see, you not being a part of me
Love flows, through my arteries
That's how it oughtta be, we formed this comrottory
You could travel planet Earth, to search it
If it is worth it, and show me a man that's perfect
And some of these men, are worthless
When problems surface, they only in it for one purpose
Every man, makes mistakes in life
But I wanna do right, so girl I'm gon sacrifice
I'ma leave, these hoes alone
Hoes can't call my phone, and every night I'm coming home

[Hook: Devin the Dude]
I'm coming home, coming home to you
There's plenty hoes out there, but they'll never compare
Never do, the things you do
I'm coming home, straight home to you
You're the only one, that I would ever be true to

They say that I got it bad, I say that I gotta have
You and just only you, so your body's what I'ma grab
Leave the past in the past, help you hop in my slab
This isn't a interview, so there's nothing I gotta ask
I use to be big pimping, like Pimp and my partna Bun
If she came with a twisted tongue, then game is what I will done
Encourage the inner freak, on the porch to get in the sun
Now if I flip the fund, with a female then it's just one
And a lady that's close to me, claiming she isn't close enough
Cause I'm grinding and posted up, pull over the soul truck
Down to a pause, I poured the rest of my soda cup
Then I bust a U-turn, cause I'm bout to make sure she know what's up
These boys can be playas, but I'm trying to play with the paper
Groupies chasing the foreign, but it ain't a problem to shake her
Forget that swanging the boulevard, we gon swang to Jamaica
Hit that G4 and you know we gon touch the sky like a scraper, but just for you


I know they told me time was hard, but I been thankful to God
For every second you was real, when everybody was fraud
You know it's in a nigga nature, to get down in these streets
But every pain I ever got, we made it up in these sheets
I never thought that I'd express, how I'm feeling inside
Cause I been a man first off, and every man got pride
You been around when I fell off, and ain't have a dollar
And these haters was on the hunt, but never once did you holla
That's why you alright with a gangsta, baby you got respect
Don't worry about no other woman, cause all she get is neglect
Off the rip she gon get checked, your place is established
They buying dresses out the Flea, while you laying back lavish
To hell with that you know what it is, they know what it ain't
And with a G you know that you can, they know that they can't
That's why I had to do you this song, to show what I think
And when it come to getting fucked up, that's some'ing I ain't for real