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Artist: Havoc f/ Sonyae Elise
Album:  Hidden Files
Song:   Tell Me More
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah she lookin right over there

My neck, my fingers and my wrist
Don't make me empty a clip
Get a bottom upset, and that's it
Make a toast with my dough, take a sip
Plenty cross on the kush, get lit
Talk phone me up do it up take flicks
Look at you so grown and sexy
Pool three yeah you top pedigree
So pretty and full of energy
Ass fat lookin like need to be friend of B
Relax ma I'm a QB rider
Anything pop off trust me it's minor
Provider, hold you down real well
No stress, no chicks caught in a cell
Keep you so fresh that it'll never go stale
You in-house inbox like e-mail yeah

[Chorus: Sonyae Elise]
Oooh, I think I'm gonna like this baby
Come and tell me more, tell me more
And when you said do it, know you can live up to it
Now here's your chance to prove it, I'm listenin tell me more

Ice snub damn sihlouette
Get it wet, I ain't even kill it yet
You about the gettin freaky with a strange
Jodeci and Sade in the change
Little nasty somethin tongue on my fingers
Let me be your personal trainer
Hey ma, let's get it in, get your weight up
Wanna see how good you look without makeup
Livin real sick, big with a city view
Mess around we can make a home video
Late night, uncut, ass clap
Blow cloud, take a pull, pass that
Eyes low, break day
Forgot about tomorrow, where's V.A.
I know, can't stay
Ma make an excuse, come back out to play hey


Tastes just like cotton candy
My hands get sticky when we
Sucker ass, niggaz just fall off
Fall in love then wanna marry
Not me though, let the games begin
Never ever save me in
your cell phone
At the end of the day homegirl that's how we win

Your description's got my attention
I think I'm with it, just for tonight
No commitment, we just takin it
Boy you got this just for tonight

[Chorus] - repeat 2X