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Artist: Havoc
Album:  Hidden Files
Song:   Can't Get Touched
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah yeah
Yeah, uh-huh...

Yo, hold the press the gat'll spit in one second no less
Those that choose to rock a vest we aim
at that non-fuctional organ of yours, your brain
Never clap, low rain so there's less remain
Make your moms feel better tell her you felt no pain
Her, baby is gone, the rider be long
My name'll ring bells hear alarms go off
I'm here to remain like a smoker's cough

When will niggaz learn I can't get touched
Any attempt will cause you to get bucked
Dead ass you'll be history don't play those games
As we carry niggaz off into they graves

Anything to do with cash I gotta get broke off
And anything less I'll make my toast go off
Niggaz want me contained, set up, framed
But hell what can I say the hood is rough terrain
But my mind is a Range as I whip through the game
Hail snow sleet or rain it won't phase
So while you on the corner smoked out gettin blazed
I put the drop on 'em with that infrared ray


These cowards keep shiftin cause they can't adjust
It's a very big difference between y'all and us
First of all we clean them guns, y'all be lettin 'em rust
Let 'em sit around for years then expect 'em to bust
It'll +Jam+ in your hand it'll cost you +Run+
Not too far, just enough of slugs to reach your lungs
You be laid on the floor not too long to come
or be police while they laughin treatin a broken gun
Why they straight disrespected you, callin you dumb
They don't give a fuck about a corpse or where you from
Put two and two together, youse an ig'nant nigga
If you had three accountants still couldn't flip figures
Fuck is on his mind? This is mighty fine times
When I cop about a month a gat is reachin its prime
We don't play those games to stay in the shootin range
Holdin shit sideways like it's helpin yo' aim
C'mon nigga~!

[Chorus] - repeat 4X to fade