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Artist: Harlem World f/ Snoop Dogg
Album:  Cali Chronic 12"
Song:   Cali Chronic (Remix)
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Turn it up

(Verse 1)
[Loon]        Yo, when I roll, you know the gats be out
              So you cowards got no choice but to rat me out
              I call in from the pen
              To try to see what that be 'bout
              Cause I catch a fool, slip and yo, his ass is out
[Huddy Combs] Hud
              Stay on the low
              Pop two cops
              Against All Odds
              Like 2Pac
              I'm caked up
              Dog-tired from Jacob
              Reach for it, then wake up
[Loon]        For top dollar, yo, I squeeze my trigger
              And Lord knows, I'll lead this nigga
              Cause I'm down for whatever
              Matter of fact, I'm down for the cheddar
              Try to clown and get your ass layed down forever
[Huddy Combs] Niggas hate to see a G come up
              Young niggas that run up
              Get gun up
              That's for real
              Seen a nigga pass the steel
              Even wink, and your ass get killed
              All Out

Chorus: Meeno
This is for the know-knotters
Six-four riders
All the ones are lowriders
All weed smokers
Olde E. sippers
All dead homies and O.G. niggas
Throw it up
This is for the know-knotters
Six-four riders
All the ones are lowriders
Whether blue'd out
Or flamed out
Mask on, ridin' with them big things out

[Verse 2: Meeno]
Light up the
Izzy-izzy ba-ba, ask yourself, why try?
Touch the untouchable
Brother that's in front of you
Harlem U.S.A. be the place that I come from
29th and Lenox be that place I get the guns from
Vacant lots, be the route, that we used to run from
Thirty-second precinct until Jackie caught the dum-dum
It's hot now, cops now, All Out gotta eat
Close food, shop down, send them across the street
My force overheat, cause the cause is cheap
Reminiscin' all my homies that I lost on the streets
Dos Bruce
LB, and even Stevie D
Pour some liquor out and throw it up for a G
Be the click they claim to be
So if worse come to worse, do the same for me

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
Welcome To My World, nigga
Where it's V.I.P.
And the bitches and the bud for free
We raisin' it up
Dippin' (Uh hun)
Givin' it up
I'm blazin' it up, we crippin' {*inhale*}
Not givin' a [{*fuck*}] (What?)
Now as I
Walk through your backyard, knockin' down your trash
You move too fast, I'm quick to bite you on your ass {*growl*}
Ain't no leash in a beach
Dawg, we mops
And dustin' off mobs (Uh hun)
Is our jobs
Heat tucked close
He cutthroat (What?)
We cut close
For real, though
JD, how you feel, though
Fresh off the plane, nigga, LAX
Snoopy, where the weed at (Where the [{*weed*}] at)
Nigga, you know I'm on deck
I'm in a lowrider, stretched out with a bulletproof vest
Cause every nigga out west
Think he Scarface or Elliot Ness
Look what the wind, blew in, I'm off that Hen
Toss the gin (Toss it)
I brought some friends, we hollin' "HARLEM WORLD!"

Repeat Chorus Twice