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Artist: Gudda Gudda f/ Lil Wayne
Album:  Guddaville (Mixtape)
Song:   Demolition Freestyle Pt. 1
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

And I don't wanna talk about it
Gangsta shit right in front of you nigga walk around it
Nigga let me do me
They know I kick it like Jet lee Bruce lee
And I've done what they can't do me I'll put my gun up to your aunt suzie
And blow out a dubie paint her rubie I am a looney you niggas puny
I puke on the beat I juke and never fumble
Man I spit that dope like I swallowed the bundle
Gotta spit that dope up cause the old heads said if you don't itll bust
Heard if I sell it hard itll rush but if them people come if it's soft itll flush
Certainly don't get caught in the blind and keep yo curtain straight
No I don't drink wine but I smoke purple grape sometimes see purple stars
And I ain't talking about purple bapes
I gets paid early cause I be workin late too many pain for memories shit hurt to say
Crack flow no bake just stir and shake
Shootin when we pull up like erkle waste
Sip syrup got me movin at a turtle pace
But quick draw pop out like a turtle face
Paid in full you can't murk the ace
I kill the beat and beat the murder case
That's right I'm a kill this shit
And if the glov don't fit
I'm a need a catchers mitt
Cause I'm high like a pitch yeah I'm high like a pitch like Mariah and shit
I guess I'm higher than a bitch
Keep it dirty like I'm lion in the ditch
Like Eli I'm from new Orleans I'm a giant in this bitch
Move the G and add an S and put the I before the N
And put the A in front of that and that is what I am to the end
That's a Saint muthafucka simplify it for them where your funeral comes with a 2nd line at the end yeah
But you won't be second linin with them
Cause you be in the hearse that's behind all of them
I see your homies dressed in black like they finna ride with
But fashion statement is tell a lie
I'm pelican fly Mack 11 inside
My bullets come with wings and your cerebellum can fly fuckin right o yeah
Young money we are
Sick as gonorrhea
Like nausea heart burn indigestion upset stomach and diarrhea