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Artist: Gucci Mane
Album:  Trap House
Song:   That's My Hood
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Gucci Mane, Laflare (Gucci Gucci)
Laflare Entertainment (Laflare)
Young CEO, I'm the boss man around here
(I'm the boss)

East Atlanta, Zone 6, that's my hood
That's my hood, nigga, that's my hood
Glenwood to Country{?} Road, that's my hood
That's my hood, nigga, that's my hood
Rollin fresh to flat shows{?} nigga that's my hood
That's my hood, nigga, that's my hood
I can't forget Campbell' Road, that's my hood
That's my hood, nigga, that's my hood

[Gucci Mane]
Uhhhh, gangsta biddin, everybody coppin
Niggaz walkin out with bags like they goin shoppin
I'm on tha PlayStation, playin' Grand Theft
I had a hundred bricks, I got three left
Shootin cee-lo, middle of the day
I bet a hundred grand, the nigga iced away
5:45, in the afternoon
98 degrees, and it's the 1st of June
Niggaz goin in, niggaz gettin out
Everybody strapped and they gripped out
Twevlve on the dot... midnight
Bet fifty grand, on a pit fight
6:43, and I'm wakin' up
Cookin cocaine, and it's cakin up
Nine on the dot, rush hour
First you get the money, then you get the power


[Gucci Mane]
Money real dirty, 9:30
Got a trap to catch, fo' a quarter birdie
10:45, quarter to 11
AK-47 and a MAC-11
1:17, my trap buckin
If you from the hood, then you sellin somethin
2:22, time to cook a deuce
fo' my lil' partner, I call his ass the truth
3:34, time to swing the dough
Ninety-sixty hundred, fo' a pound of dro'
4:46, trunk full of bricks
Can't stop trappin, 'til I'm fithy rich
Dropped out of school, 1998
Bought a box Chevy, and a half of cake
2K3, hit a lick
Hundred pounds of weed, fifty bricks


[Gucci Mane]
Uhhhh, age thirteen, I'm a trap star
Paid a fifty slab fo' a junkie car
School's still in, but I'm at home
Standin on the corner, with some Ewings on
Turned fifteen, and I'm trapped out
Bet a hundred dollars, just to crap out
Seventeen now, and I'm on the grind
Never stand in line at the five-and-dime
Nineteen years, blood sweat and tears
Sellin innertubes like Goodtear
Twenty-one now, I'm a grown up
So when you call my phone, it's a zone up
Age twenty-five, and it's gettin worse
18.5, fo' a hook and verse
'fo I turn thirty, I'll be thirty plus
Swimmin in the bucks, like Scrooge McDuck