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Artist: (Gucci Mane f/) Mike Epps
Album:  The State vs. Radric Davis
Song:   Interlude: Toilet Bowl Shawty #3
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*phone rings twice*}
Hey boo, whassup?
  Whassup, whassup
Hey y'know I'ma I gonna ask you question
Don't don't fuckin lie, don't fuckin lie
  What? You know I don't lie to you
You fuckin Gucci Mane?
  Hell motherfuckin no~!!
You fuckin Gucci Mane bitch, you're a fuckin liar!
  Oh my God, who done told you that?
You are fuckin that nigga
Motherfuckers told me you was at Greenbriar Mall
with that nigga earlier today, your ass fuckin him
  I'm not fuckin Gucci Mane, what the fuck?
Let me tell you somethin bitch
You better stop fuckin that nigga Gucci Mane
That's my buddy I was locked up with the nigga
  I was not
He got a rash on his fuckin foot bitch
  Nigga, you got a rash on YO' foot!!
You want that rash that nigga got on his foot?
  Please nigga
Now how the fuck you gon' call this nigga Gucci Mane?
This nigga wear Prada every day
  Oh hell naw
Gucci Mane, Gucci Mane
  You ain't gon' call me stressin me out of my head
Louis Vuitton gon' go kill that nigga man!
  Oh my God
This nigga ain't no motherfuckin Gucci
  I mean yeah, I got his CD, but I'm sayin
You fucks Gucci Mane, huh? You fuckin Gucci Mane?
Y'all probably 68, you dusty bitch
  Whatever nigga!
You raggedy mouf, uhh, chihuahua mouth bitch
  Alright I am, that's right I'm fuckin him
  And what?
I'ma fuck... you fuckin Gucci Mane bitch!
  What? Nigga, what?
FUCK GUCCI~! I got more than Gucci
  So what? That's right you cain't
I'm gonna fuckin
  That's why I'm fuckin him
  Mm-hmm, you too, fuck you too

{*phone hangs up*}
{*toilet flushing*}

Gucci eatin coochie
He ate one of these C.O. bitches out
Between the bars
Bitch just stuck her ass between the bars
The nigga stuck his whole head in between the bitch's ass

{*water dripping*}