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Artist: Gucci Mane f/ Rick Ross
Album:  The State vs. Radric Davis
Song:   All About the Money
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[Rick Ross] Boss
[Gucci Man] Big Gucci!
[Rick Ross] Yeah, it's about money nigga!

[Gucci Mane]
I'm on my way to see my P.O., I ain't talkin the probation office
Talkin 'bout my P.O. partner, just sent me three million dollars
(What the fuck that mean nigga?) All my hoes go to the beauty parlor
Bought my maw a house today, I'll buy my auntie one tomorrow
I just left the Phantom lot, I didn't do no paper work
300K my paper work, just like the New Boyz +I'm a Jerk+
You bring your girl, your feelings hurt
Cause like R. Kelly +I'm a Flirt+
I got work like Dave and them, +Geto Boy+ like 'Face and them
It ain't no mistaken him, hottest boys out Drake or him (Gucci!)
Me Juice Mane and Wak' and them, ride around with choppers pimp
So how the hell you chop or flip, you water balloon waffle wimp
There's +No Limit+ to Gucci money, just ask Silkk the Shock and them

Earl and the boys behind the do' (word)
My country boys they want some mo' (birds)
Early in the mornin, later in the evenin
I'm all about that money man, even when I'm sleepin
I'm all about that money
Don't make me send my goons to gunnin
I'm all about that money
Don't make me send my goons to gunnin

[Rick Ross]
All about my money nigga, run with my monopoly
Money my philosophy, cocaine on my property
Yeah that bitch a stripper but it's so much she can offer me
Gave me the connect he send me seventy-seven that's all for me
Money builds my confidence, shorty show your competence
Befo' I get another bitch cause I be on some other shit
Higher than a mothership, Louis in my seven-trey
Gucci in my other shit, Gucci pass the other clip
Thirty rounds then I'ma get 'em, I can make a Hummer flip
I can make a hundred flip, that's one Bahamas trip
Make your momma strip, I'm 'bout the dead prez
So for the bread I make you play a game of Simon Says

[Gucci Mane]
Like Batman Robin we be flaugin, mobbin in twin Aston Martins
Beg your pardon, Gucci darlin, mo' checks than a Czechoslavian
What's yo' motherfuckin problem? Ross and Gucci, I'ma rob 'em
How you gonna rob the robbers? King homeboys got too much armor
We got so much jewelry on, we can make yo' vision dizzy
Give yo' ass a charm or chain and watch it make yo' fingers pissy

[Rick Ross]
Damn it boy I'm spillin Cristy, yellow bitches blowin kisses
Ricky Ross about them digits, on the stage or in the kitchen
A-Town, A-T-L, M-I-llello
West coast, East coast (well damn~!)
City of dope nigga


[Outro: Rick Ross]
36 O's
All the niggaz know!
Maybach, music
Gucci! Boss