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Artist: Gucci Mane f/ Gangsta Boo
Album:  Hard to Kill
Song:   Trap Gurl
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Trap girl!
She's a trap, trap, a tr-tr-trap girl
Geah! Zay you gotta fuck on this one {*echoes*}

Don't want no other woman in the world but that girl
Boy I gotta tell you I'm in love with a trap girl, a
trap girl {*8X*}
Down ass bitch dat keep my business intact girl
End of the night we'll be countin them stacks girl, a
trap girl {*8X*}

[Gucci Mane]
See that thick redbone, man I called that
That Coupe what she drive in the trap all day, cause she's a
trap girl {*8X*}
Uhh.. Gucci back on that trap shit
Fuck a supermodel cause I'm stickin with my trap bitch
Cause she's a down ass gangster broad
Like a basketball player baby girl'll take a charge
Micros and some nice clothes
Real fat ass and she love to smoke dat hydro
She got my name on her arm
And she ain't a terrorist but she'll hold a nigga bomb
She real good in the kitchen
Got her cookin up all the quarter chicken
She keep my pounds in the basement
Pussy so good that I bought the bitch a bracelet
Just to show her dat I love her
Cause every nigga in the hood wanna fuck her
She's a...


[Gangsta Boo]
Ay~! I gotta holla at my Mexicans
Takin trips, in and out of town with them pounds again
Yeah, I got the pounds of the goodie-good
Looks, are deceivin please believe I got that goodie-good
{*coughing*} Yeah, I do this here for the Gucci Mane
With my pretty ass I can get him just 'bout anythang
Yea, I got the niggaz with the hard white
Bricked up, taped up, you want to get high tonight?
Ay, I got the pills if you wanna roll
To calm down off that I got the Xanax to help you dose
Ay, and I keep a piece of bling bling
Also strapped with the infrared beam for niggaz tryin to cross the team
Yeah (POW!) you better get yo' fuckin mind right
Cause I got my grind tight, all day, all night
Ay, this time around it be the takeover
Give the game a makeover, like Flip, +Game Over+
Yeah! this time around it be the takeover
Give the game a makeover, TRAP GURL, game over


[Gucci Mane]
I'm hood like hot wings, lookin for a trap queen
{?} throwed up, every room a flat screen
Took her income tax and I flipped it to a whole thing
... yeaj I flipped to a whole thing
Now it's on and poppin, love to take her shoppin
Keep her lookin good cause the money's not a option
Nix it, grits it, shit is my trap shit
Number one draft pick, good at the mouth shit
Trap bitch, bad bitch, nuttin like my last bitch
If they ever meet, then that bitch gon' get her ass kicked