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Artist: Gucci Mane
Album:  Hard to Kill
Song:   Alley Cat
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

She a alley cat, she a hood rat {*repeat 4X*}
Straight from the block baby keep her hair fixed
On the low dog she a alley ass bitch
She a alley cat, she a hood rat
She a alley cat, she a hood rat

[Gucci Mane]
Fo' bedrooms with fo' bad kids (bad kids)
But the girl so pretty and her ass so big (so big)
Dancin at the strip joint, guess what I did (what I did)
Made it rain on her fo'head, told her go 'head (go 'head)
Break bread if you got it, if you don't just watch me (just watch me)
A red stop sign in the road couldn't stop me (couldn't stop me)
Alley ass girl, bitch yo' ass outrageous (outrageous)
Goodness gracious, get butt naked (butt naked)
Twenty thousand ones baby just to have fun (have fun)
Got a half a mill' saved case I have to post bond (post bond)
You a alley ass hoe; why you talkin so loud? (So loud)
Ol' alley ass bitch with a gold grill smile (grill smile)
Tattoos shawty got a lot of piercings (piercings)
And she rollin on the pill, feelin like I'm feelin (feelin)
You a alley cat shawty I ain't pay you no mind (no mind)
Put your number in my phone cause yo' ass so fine (so fine)

[Gucci Mane]
Shawty thick like grits, real talk, real spit (spit)
If you lookin for a alley bitch, that's what'cha gon' get (gon' get)
Alley girls got money, alley girls got plugs (got plugs)
Alley girls smoke weed, alley girls sell drugs (sell drugs)
Shawty actin like a motherfucker just like me (like me)
Credit card scammin hoe, runnin from the police (police)
You a East Atlanta hoe, I was down in South Beach (South Beach)
Seen a big thick bitch with a lot of gold teeth (lot of gold teeth)
Had platinum 21, listen Bentley car keys (Bentley cars keys)
It's impossible to steal, I ain't stuntin car thieves (stuntin car thieves)
Shawty real real alley, keep it real real street (real real street)
Suck dick, eat pussy, she a real real freak (real real freak)
I'ma keep it hood dog, I won't bite my tongue (my tongue)
East Atlanta, Zone 6, where them alley hoes from (alley hoes from)
Like T-Pain mane all these alley hoes +Sprung+ (alley hoes +Sprung+)
Gucci Mane performin live, all the alley hoes come