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Artist: Gucci Mane f/ Blaze 1, Pimp C, Rich Boy
Album:  Back to the Traphouse
Song:   I Know Why
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Zone Fo'

[Chorus: Blaze 1]
Bitches love me they niggaz hate me, I know why {*3X*}
Twenty-fours on the Chevy, look like I'm 'bout to fly

[Gucci Mane]
Take flight on a hoe, ride a kite on a bitch
Lear jet Gucci, when I ride on 6's
Gotta sit high, like my ride on switches
Rent it out the ass dudes barkin hoes keep lookin
Shackles wanna jet, but they don't keep bak
Candy coated 'llac, with the brat pushed back
Shorty smoke thrax, what'chu know 'bout that?
Let the top back, the hood catch contact
It's a known fact, Gucci smoke on purp'
Old school verty, with the ace on the skirts
See the tucked dash, paint look like glass
I came through skatin, and they done start hatin
Twenty-eight D-U-B's on rotate
These haters roll dank, I tell 'em get'chu straight
Twenty-eight D-U-B's on rotate
These haters roll dank, I tell 'em get'chu straight

[Chorus] - 2X

[Pimp C]
Yeah thaaat nigga she just looove me
Watch me ride by wanna fuuck me
See me in the club wanna suuck me
Guess that's why you mad and wanna buuuck me
Tellin them niggaz you gon' killllll me
But you's a bitch, you gotta feeeeeel me
I ride around the ghetto, two hundred thousand on the slab
Spent a million on my jewels and a million on my 'llac
Three million in the bank, fo' million in property
That's nine million dollars and your wife still jockin me
IRS still watchin me they hate niggaz with paper
Didn't like me in school, but now the bitch caught +The Vapors+
Like Biz Markie, she got what I need
She thinkin it's the pussy, it's her money and her weeeeed
I like her head, but I love her bread
Them hoes want a Pimp but them hoes just scared

[Chorus] - 2X

[Rich Boy]
I pulled up in the S5, 52 hoes with me
Three thousand dollar Gucci jacket ridin Big Willest
Drinkin deuces and we smokin on some real killer
If you ain't out here gettin then yo' ass silly
Air Willie, nina on my side
I'm sittin so high I don't ride I glide
Slide, them thirty-two inches on my Phantom
Them blades choppin on that bitch lookin like a gremlin
Hoe I'm a winner, I deserve a trophy
If you ain't got no money then nigga don't approach me

[Chorus] - 2X