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Artist: Gucci Mane
Album:  Back to the Traphouse
Song:   I Move Chickens
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*rooster crows loudly*}

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I move chicks, I move chickens shawty {*2X*}
I move chicks, I move chickens
In the kitchen cookin chicken tryin to pay my rent, shawty

[Gucci Mane]
Rap about Gucci stay strapped with a uzi
Murder one platinum eatin Justin's by Tuesday
It's Gucci Mane excuse me dawg, I'm makin my music
For facin me a nigga fight about what a toothpick
I did six months, incident with a pool stick
They found a nigga guilty, still say I didn't do shit
Major league, minor league, was independent
I moved on shawty, Gucci handled his business
And I ain't goin back to jail, God is my witness
I'm grinnin so hard it look like it's a picnic
So Icy Entertainment and Atlantic
I'm trappin in Spanish, I'm slayin them dragons nigga


[Gucci Mane]
I'm Chef Boyardee, and I'm cookin a QB
I'm whippin up the gravy the fiends say that it's tasty
I'm up 980, soldier scrap like the Navy
It's fuck you pay me, bitch what you done lately
A growed up crazy boy, 1980
A true trap baby bitch did okay maybe
The streets raised me, I drove my kinfolks crazy
Rather buy a boat and blaze up Gucci won't be lazy nigga


[Gucci Mane]
From start to the finish, Gucci Mane the apprentice
So every word letter, ad-libbed every sentence
is perfectly place period in addition
I'm trappin and cursin for rappin to Chinese
Down South finest it's Gucci your highness (wow)
Crazy color diamonds they got me shinin (true)
The charts are climbin off a cut like Tyson
I'm big two-fivin but got no license
Lames talk senseless, G's you silence
And you can you these dawg but I use violence
I'm trappin like a house over trap house cloudy
And your stones cloudy, so you're not ballin
My Down South swag got the fine hoes callin
My swag's on arm and my grill so 'Nawlins
My Down South swag got the fine hoes callin
My swag's on arm and my grill so 'Nawlins