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Artist: Grand Puba & Large Professor
Album:  Sprite Ad (1995)
Song:   Obey Your Thirst/Freestylin'
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[Large Professor]
...This how we work it
Grab the big Sprite and y'know we jerk it
Right out the fridge, it's just like this
With a dib-dab-dib... yeah.. 
Drink Sprite

[Grand Puba]
I give a pund to my man with the right hand
Cause I, I keeps a Sprite in the left hand
And then I, push the button when I don't wanna hear nuttin
(It's crispy clean!) I let it go when I wanna hear somethin
(Yeah) This is how we flow when we in the studio
Freestyle with Sprite, yo how the rest go?
First thing first, obey your thirst
Sprite, aight?