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Artist: Grand Puba f/ Brand New Heavies
Album:  Reel to Reel
Song:   Who Makes The Loot? (Bonus Track)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* DJ cut n scratch: "Everybody's talkin bout the" * (Grand Puba)

[Grand Puba Maxwell]
Bust it.. 
Who makes the loot? (Grand Puba)
Who makes the loot?
Who makes the loot? (Grand Puba)
Well who makes the loot?  Bust it

Goodness grief, let me lighten up the brief
Honies spell Grand Puba when they wanna spell relief
Who is the man, more than a hundred grand?
Give a pound to a friend, put a tool to a clown
Damn, bang bang bang, Jimmy Coco Puff
Who is the one who gives you nuff?
Don't answer, here comes the flavor
And you wanna ask what Grand Puba gave ya?
Some dope shit, some real live shit
Puba is the one who's givin fits
A new style, new style, are you ready for this type?
Now I rock hip, everybody's rockin hype
On the very down low you might see me at a show
If the show ain't for dough then you won't see the bro
The Grand man, just as usual
But let me slow down, cause I know I'm confusin y'all

* DJ cut n scratch: "Everybody's talkin bout the" * (Grand Puba)

[Grand Puba Maxwell]
Bust it we gon' move on like this
I once caught a bid, I never hit skid
Never date a girl if the girl got a kid
Nah, poppa's got a brand new bag
And I never hit skins once they sag
Guy says groovy, you like to see a movie?
Stick it in easy, it comes back greasy
First to tell you _Slow Down_
But be the second to take you Uptown
I won't fall or fumble, trip stagger or stumble
Not a soft sucker but I still come humble
The next candidate, who holds all the weight
It ain't him or him, you better get the story straight
Ron Stud is my DJ makes the girl feel like it's foreplay
Comin like a bull, so you better yell OLE
Here is the one, I shine like the sun
You get too close, you might get done

Ain't nuttin but funky
It's just funky
Aiyyo check this out
The right type of hype
This how we gon' move it for the 90's and the year 2000
Check it out
Do the knowledge, this ain't no loop
This is some real live funky funky get down on the get down
And I'm flowin to this type of hype
The bass player's real, the drummer's real
The bass player's real, and the drummer's real
Word is bond
We got the guitars, everything is live
Year 2000, it ain't just a simple loop, so don't get souped
As we hit it with the Brand New Heavies