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Artist: Grand Puba
Album:  2000
Song:   Very Special
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"Grand Puba is" (very special) uh ha uh ha (x4)

Verse 1:
Now many guys may come to you 
With a line that isn't true
And you, pass them by (pass them by)
But it doesn't mean a thing
Cause Grand Puba got that game so won't cha, let me try (let me try)
Now just because I drive a Mercedes Benz (whooa yeah yeah)
That don't mean I'm gonna be trickin' on skins
See all I'm sayin' is (la la la la la la la la love me)
It's Grand P (twist the L yo twist the L)
See I'm sayin' just (la la la la la la la la love me)
It's Grand P (twist the L yo twist the L)
Here goes the man with the pecan tan
The one who flims the flam the one who plays weak MC's out like ham
I got the style that be bangin'
When the flow gets to slangin' 
I be leavin' MCs hangin' 
On my jammy just swangin'
So many brothers try to be me
Only two can probably see me that's Ray Charles and Stevie
My shit knocks from Lincoln popcorn down to Frangle Rock
Me turn pop?
Save that shit for Arnold Redenbach
Cause when it comes to this see Puba's not a stranger
Get the honies hooked like they kids is hooked on Power Rangers
And I ain't goin' now where word is born 
Cause I've been doin' this since Shay Shay Lafon
I tell my record people everyday 
We do this my way cause when it comes to my music I don't play
I'll came and slay ya or I may ah
Make sure my gettaway is more swifter than O.J.


Verse 2:
Well who dat who do dat?
It's Pubat well true dat
While some try stealin' but they just keep failin'
Cause there's nothin' but smooth sailin'
The way I bring it to ya hon 
Leave another stuck my scoop is how I get it done
There goes the little drummer boy so purumppapumpum
It's Grand Puba hon I hit it ruff like ? and still puffin' stuff
I smack some mingos and sit back and watch my pockets fluff
Grand Puba here to get the party strarted 
See I come with thee exotic
While you're puffin' your narcotics
I'll be damned if this don't hit cha where it's suppose to get cha
I keep it flowin' now would I bullshit cha?
I create styles and fashion with compassion
While others are simply trashin' cause my shit is simply smashin'
Stud Doogie still with me
From, sea, to, shining, sea