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Artist: Guru
Album:  Version 7.0 The Street Scriptures
Song:   I Gotta...
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I'm goin far junior, hittin targets like a sharpshooter
Hittin your chest like some harsh buddha
Why you runnin from the truth? You ain't gunnin with truth
You straight bluffin; bumpin your gums in the booth
What happened to the heart in this? Where all the artists went?
The culture is dyin fast, don't want no part of this
I reconstruct, and I recreate
Simple pleasures, like beats and rhymes, you can appreciate
A mastermind with a classic line
Other rappers, are lookin way past they prime
Violence, whylin, whatever they know
The more of 'em come, the quicker they go
My mindstate, projects thoughts at a high rate
It's more than the spin of a wheel, it's real high stakes
And my take is of the hugest amount
All you obsolete dudes can bounce~! Cause

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I gotta do my thing and get my dough
I only wanna touch this mic, forget these hoes
I gotta rep these streets and take what's mine
Anyone that gets in the way must pay a fine

I ain't come for conflict, I came for fun
Rather tame these chicks than have to aim a gun
Lookin at my Gucci see it's close to 2
Gots the L motherfucker, can I smoke with you?
You got a lot to say about what you hope to do
Better watch them boys that be close to you
I'm on a focused mission, while you're hopin and wishin
I make it happen - I ain't jokin so listen
Come to my class so I can son you real fast
You think you stuntin with cash, smoke you like blunts with hash
Street corner intellect, deep on your internet
Take over your network, when I speak suckers hit the deck
Glamorous, elegant, ladies wanna kiss my neck
Not too much remains of the ones that tried to disrespect
Talkin smack even worse than a groupie
I'm a mountain of a man, that bullshit don't move me; cause