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Artist: Guru
Album:  Version 7.0 The Street Scriptures
Song:   Fa Keeps
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Guru]
I put in a lot of work my nigga
I've seen and been through it all my nigga
And I'm still standin
A lot stronger and a lot wiser my nigga
Playin this game right here for keeps my nigga
So therefore, you know I never sleep my nigga

I felt pain of all types, still the same it's alright
Course they wanna stereotype but it's all hype
Can't let the game go sour it needs me
Hungry like a black Oliver Twist, feed me
If need be, snatch your mic up quick
Blast you right up kid, sit back and light up shit
I'm the crowd pleaser, street avenger in your loudspeaker
Witness the flow, I'm a proud teacher
The double helix, the chemicals react to me
It's like sex, the way I do it naturally
Aiyyo I'm peepin your card increasin my odds
Now my trigger's cocked back, see me squeezin it hard
In this jungle habitat I don't move like an average cat
I got a different kind of superstar status jack
And me not handlin biz
That's like the industry without all these scandals and shit

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I play the game for keeps
That's why I never sleep, run silent run deep
I play the game for keeps
Yo man I gotta eat, still in the streets dumb heat

East to West coast, real is real we rep most
Respect toast, those close we check most
And you can call me the jeweler
Cause I'ma leave ya with somethin of real value to school ya
And it don't go around your wrist or neck, nigga~!
Your real peeps'll never disrespect
And punks be goin out for self and cream
No self-esteem, they don't wanna share their wealth with the team
And that's when the plottin starts, huh
Just like a few minutes after all the flossin starts
I'm playin for keeps just like a man obsessed
Been doin this since "words that I manifest"
And I came to stay in this sport, I ain't retirin
I'm firin rapidly, to blaze your rapport
You wish you could handle me I'll shit on you randomly
While you runnin snitch I'm wit'cha bitch on a canopy


You don't know shit about this rap shit you fake type critics
You sheist bigots, I'm O.G., I bet my life with it
You trife midget - that's what you are next to me
I'm treachery, knock you out and strong arm the referee
My specialty'll be to dead your zone
Runnin your mouth like Wendy shoulda kept some chrome
Picture me not reppin it right, huh
That's like a krillz head caught without a stem or a pipe