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Artist: Gangstarr
Album:  Step in the Arena
Song:   Lovesick
   Verse 1
   Strangely enough I've been struck
   Affected by her smile
   And yo, her style is worthwhile
   And knowing that I'm deep like a river
   I feel I should give her
   Things that those others can't deliver
   Contrary to what I had wished
   it seems that I've been dissed
   But hey, I don't want to miss this
   wonderful opportunity
   My boys they try schoolin' me
   But see I know what I want
   Someone who'll be there for the whole nine
   This honey is so fine
   But now she's hung up the line
   Upset because I told her I'm busy
   She made like a grizzly
   And started chewin' my head off
   Screamin' that I spend more time with friends
   And also, she said I ruined her weekend
   I said "I know the stuff we had planned
   but please understand
   Right now I'm loungin' with my man"
   I guess I didn't realize I'd hurt her
   She said I had the nerve to
   just neglect her like that
   Then she started bringing up past things
   and she kept asking
   how come our love isn't lasting
   I said, "Hey baby, please calm down
   cuz I'm still around
   and it's for you that my heart pounds
   Can I call you later on?
   You say I treat you wrong?
   But why you flippin' on me?"
   She said something else and then click
   Left me alone on the phone with the tone
   And now I'm lovesick
   Verse 2
   Relationships can grip with the pain
   Arguments in the crib, in the streets, on the train
   I'm crazy fed but then still
   When she ain't there I feel sad, I feel ill
   Frowning cuz I'm down in the dumps
   The other night I took her out
   so she could shake her rump
   But after we were there for a few
   Some girls that I knew
   Stepped up and asked me to come to
   a party they were havin' at their house
   I looked at my girl, and yo, she started walkin' out
   I said "Hey love, just wait for a second
   And won't you just check it?
   It's all a part of makin' records
   Those were just some friends in the business
   No need to get angry
   So listen up while I kick this
   And what about the things we discussed
   about havin' trust?
   What's all this attitude stuff?
   Now hon, you know that I wouldn't play you
   But time after time, you let your jealousy sway you
   Hey don't you turn your back like that
   Come on, this is wack
   You're heated up like a thermostat"
   Then she stepped off in a whirlwind
   and I don't know when
   or if I'm gonna see her again
   I coulda sworn she was the right one to pick
   But I'm just lovesick