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Artist: (Brand New Heavies f/) GangStarr
Album:  Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol. 1
Song:   It's Gettin Hectic
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I set if off, by lettin you know that I can flow
to many beats, similar to fluid so freely
And you can say I'm gettin kind of greedy, but so what?
Cause I'm supplyin the needy
While some emcees go for therapy, I bury the
remains of the others cause they suck incredibly
Superficial styles only last a little while
but they never hold a candle to the GangStarr profile
More than just wit and more than just intellect
And more than a gangster cause I kill wit a mic check
And I'm not the one with the H on his back meaning the Herb
I like the funky beats, I like the good herb
Most likely in a blunt as I roll it real steady
Then I get mentally ready
to play a track from the heavies and mellow out
Cause my main objective is to be more effective

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
It's gettin hectic, it's getting crazy
I'ts gettin hectic, it's getting wild

Yo when the mic stand's free, I then step to the
point of attack cause the track feels good to me
And I intend to break you out of your restraints
Cause you gain interest in my lines like I'm CitiBank
And thanks to the Brand New Heavies and everyone
who can dig the movement of the Guru, smooth and
provin, that I'm the relevant eloquent one
Suckers gettin whoopings like they're all my sons
Remembering rap from the days of its origin
The power of many men ascends from my pen
Dissingthe ones wit the fame and, claimin they hard
Yo them I disregard
Cause they ain't all cracked up to what they should be
Some I call wannabees, and some I call wouldbees
And I'm gettin vexed by the crap they project
They put in on wax and on the record store racks


Rearrangin the script as my words shift gear in a flash 
Puttin cash in a stash, ain't nuttin funny, money
Much greater gifts I receive, by those who are blessed
And me, I got a treasure chest
By all means protected at all times
You try to front and you'll pay more than a small fine
I don't brag, about the stuff I did
I simply roll correctly, demolishin stupid kids
And they're running off with the lip and not accomplishin zip
I tell 'em wake up son, cause this is it
Peep out the suckers who are fakin
Flakin moves on the mic and in life
Strife is what I give 'em cause I'm livin how I should be
And you better move cause the groove is like deadly
And no you ain't all that, and many ain't legit
So I'ma put 'em out, 'fore they get rushed


Yo, GangStarr, 1991 into '92 and beyond 
loungin wit the Brand New Heavies
DJ Premier and the Guru from Brooklyn, peace out