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Artist: Guru f/ Chaka Khan
Album:  Jazzmatazz Voulme 2: The New Reality
Song:   Watch What You Say

coming with the realness, lyrics of life
some people need to watch what they say

Chorus: Chaka Khan

watch what you're saying,
someone's gonna hear exactly what you said,
soon you'll be paying,
in the dead of night they'll be nowhere to run,
while you were laying,
laying for the doom that's coming to a head,
no kind of praying,
is gonna save us from the past that will surely come

warning, rappers be like boring
they're sleeping, it's deep man
so peep in closely when I'm speaking
weaklings, it's obvious you can't like up to
your pety pointless words, yet and still you love to
run off your jibs, now there come a time for judgement
punishment, what if we take away your ornaments
and strip you down to the raw deal
then I'd reveal the evidence
cause you don't really represent


[Chaka Kahn]
listen here
I'm getting tired of you shooting lip
you better tighten up
or you will really slip up
and say something that you mean to do
turn around and it'll be on you
to save yourself from your call and blunder
and bury your ??? like the world it's under
and like a fool you'll sit and wonder
what, who do you wanna know, wish
no water, no magic spell
can save you from your self made hell
you've made your bed and you know darn well
you got a lay it in the ???
and there's no magic potion
to save you from the wheels you've set in motion
the stone is cut, the die is cast
what were you thinking


I can't understand it, they should ban it, can it
too much weak talk and not enough real hip-hop
I sense a purpose is filling me
to display credibility and show responsibility, willingly
I'll take on any Johnny Dangerous
pull his file, for he knows he cannot hang with this
the illest king, I smack the jokers
no hocus pocus, a real mc when I kick vocals