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Artist: Guru f/ Me'Shell N'Degeocello
Album:  Jazzmatazz Volume 2: The New Reality
Song:   For You
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Dedicated to all my peeps, who looked out over the years
KnawhatI'msayin?  This one's for you

Chorus: Guru + Me'Shell

For you, dedicated true
I'm doin this one for you
For you, dedicated true
I'm doin this one for you

To my moms and my pops, I'm glad you stayed together
I don't know too many people to demonstrate true love better
Nowadays kids don't have anyone
but you were there and determined, to make me get plenty done
Yes to achieve although a lot of times I hurt you
But I'm matured now, I'm showin you my true virtue
As I deliver to you, an oath of neverending love
admiration and respect, for there is nothing above
a mother's strength and a father's concern
There was guidance, no matter which way I turned
Yo pops if I could be half the man you are I'd be a star
Moms thanks for pushin me real far
As I proceed through the tundra, and harsh winds
I think reviewin what you've instilled within
So I'm takin time out to let you know
Once a boy now a man thanks for helpin me grow

Chorus 2X

Goin out to my peoples, for all the times we've spent
Fifty deep up in the party gettin crazy stupid bent
Around the block puffin lye, cruisin in the car
Whatever we was doin I won't forget it Baby Pah
When I had no dough, you were there
You hooked me with some ends, to show me that you cared
You stood by me through the ups and downs
while the other fakin clowns tried to start hangin around
See you were always genuine
That's why respect is due, and I got you on my mind
A lot of people might not understand the way we click
We're rollin thick, hittin harder than a ton of bricks
With all the drama and the phony personas
I'd rather check my man so we can share some knowledge
If the streets were college, some MC's would flunk out
Sendin shouts to my peeps, crazy love no doubt


A true friend kid, is mad mad rare
Trustin others is a risk, a lot of things ain't fair
Cause where I be at, a lot of strange things happen jack
You can know a kid for years and still he'll stab you in the back
But that's alright cause I'm a good judge of character
And me and my family, we maintain the balance to
master the challenges of life
Like the chain and the star, we link up to shine mad bright
To all my boys way across the country
dealin with the struggle, the good the bad and the ugly
Yo under pressure we're the best
No matter what the circumstance no matter how much stress
Our force has the power, to bring forth change
I'd rather see us succeed than feel shame or go insane
Dedicated to my fam that supported
You shall always, I said always be applauded

Chorus 2X