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Artist: Guru f/ Gary Barnacle *
Album:  Jazzmatazz Volume 1
Song:   Slicker Than Most
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* featured artists on this album were jazz musicians

Chorus: repeat 2X

All around the city and from coast to coast
I'm slicker than most, I'm slicker than most

Who put the jazz in the hip-hop funk?
It's me chump.. the originator with the flavor
Just like a fine tuned sax, I'm allathat
I'm gettin fatter than fat, to be exact
So when you step to see the man command
don't get too close, unless you can't withstand
the pressure, cause now I'm the aggressor
Callin you out, to test skills
Let's see who get props, and who gives the best, thrills
Chill kid, you gotta acknowledge
I'm like dope.. yeah that's what you could call it
Or better yet, just say I'm slick


The word is out, Guru's got all the clout
And when I'm rappin, the fans just shout (HO!!)
Cause I be givin what they want yo, lyrics are right
with much insight bro
So never second-guess the smooth one
And if a sucker tries to diss, then I'm the rude one
Cause I can kick it, you know I rip it
Yo pass the brew, so I can sip it
I'm wicked, when it comes down to the rhyme
So in ninety-three, I'm takin what's mine
And this you gotta acknowledge
cause I'm slick, so watch me clock the dollars


BOOM ya ras claat, you're gettin burned on the spot
No if's or but's, cause I'll go nuts
I never take a short, I rap for more than sport
So now you're caught, down to your last resort
Whisperin behind my back just like a pansy
I break an MC's neck, yes I can G
So chill, cause this you gotta acknowledge
I'm SLAMMIN, yeah that's what you could call it
or better yet just say I'm slick
Cause I'm demolishin rappers, lickety-split
You know I'm slick
Hmm, you know I'm slick
Mmmm, you know I'm slick


"I rock the house, and ah.." (3X)

"I rock the house, and ah.." (4X to fade)