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Artist: Guru
Album:  Baldhead Slick & Da Click
Song:   No Surviving
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Bout to send you to your maker, ya move faker
You ain't wise in our eyes, you don't wanna lose favor
Ya not a due-payer, it don't matter if you major
You bout to meet your true savior
{*scratched samples*}
"We emcees.. approach with.. slang that's dead"
"There's no surviving.. there's no surviving"

We hit then we slidin off, we in the wind ridin off
Poppin off, you wack cats will be droppin off
Like flies, so recognize
This priceless, niceness, precisness
No likeness, no ice, just the right shit
Yeah the rawness, and still gleam in ya grill like we're flawless
It's pimpish, like I just knocked the right bitch
I ain't send shit to you, cuz youse a trife snitch
Too high-pitched, your like a chick, your cowardly
Forced to take this ass-whoopin hourly
And minute by minute, shit, we gon' make you quit it
For you into early retirement when the iron spit
Cover your eyes, it's too late to escape to cover your lies
Guess what? Your in a lot of trouble you guys
What's going on here, is worse than your worst fear
Bout to send you to a doctor, nurse, or a hearse here


Now get this, bet this, I'm after the lootchie
It don't make you a G, just cuz you wear ya pants loosely
Your straight goofy, word to my old coofy
Couldn't do me nothin son, I know the movie
And you can run till ya heart beats through ya chest
You wanna tustle, then do ya best
But I don't like to mess up my clothes or get my hands dirty
I'ma give the job to my man, you know he stands worthy
Like James with the Jesse in the front
But don't let him sip the Henny, don't let him hit the blunt
Whatchu want? Someplace where you can seek refuge?
Against my team, I run with some of the best dudes,
that's done it, did it, plus niggaz got kids and shit
Put you under pressure, make you forfeit
What's going on here, is worse than your worst fear
Bout to send you to a doctor, nurse, or a hearse here

[Hook] - 2X

{*"There's no surviving" scratched in background of talking*}

[Guru talking]
Dat's right, ain't no survivors against Da Click
We too naturally born with it, knowhatImsayin?
We belong with it, you don't have it
So you don't wanna act like a savage
Uh-huh, DJ Utaka, Baldhead Slick
My man DJ Tashee from the Beatknuckles
That's right, nuttin to play with
Fuck around and meet your maker...

{*scratching till fade*}