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Artist: GLC f/ Kanye West, T-Pain
Album:  Flight School 12"
Song:   Flight School
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Let me get my theme music (x2) 
'Aye, Let me get my theme music (x2) 

[Chorus: T-Pain] + (Kanye West)
Baby, just forget everything that you know 
Let's take it all the way back to hello 
They say you livin' like you died before 
I got a place that only I can go 
Let me take you to flight school 
(We'll learn to fly) 
Let me take you to flight school 
(Above all the lights) 
You've never been so high, kiss the ground goodbye 
And you say, damn baby how did you get that fly? 
Flight school 

[Verse One: GLC]
I got the airplane passes, the aviator glasses 
She be lookin fly like aviator classes 
So classy, Jacqueline Onassis 
Used to sneak and move like Ali, Cassius 
Massive, like Kennedy's assassin 
We was killin' time like clocks in the casket 
Perhaps its time to prevail 
I'll show you Gotham City like I'm Christian Bale 
I can be Barack and let you be Michelle 
Dress fresh as hell
Ye in that pastel 
Adore Dior, ride down Lake Shore 
She felt the vibe, I had to make sure 
She felt deprived livin like she died 
Slide with a G, now she felt revived 
In town for the night, she's somebody wifey 
The LE, she never seen these 
So the moment I might seize 
I done come up out the coma of livin life's dreams 
When you wake up in the morning you join the flight team


[Verse Two: Kanye West]
I got my superman power, my superman cape 
These the last hours, but superman late 
The clock is ticking, damn can you wait? 
Man, will he come back and save the day? 
Fly across the earth, put things in reverse 
I wish this life was a movie I could just rehearse 
Certain things I can't doctor, and you say I'm the worst 
I ain't have enough patients, but I needed a nurse 
That'll come by my bed late
See if my head ache 
Then get my head straight 
Then give my head, great 
Every time I popped up like the VCR 
I took your breath away 
Then we performed CPR 
With all the cars, the clothes, the lights, the boats 
I guess I was just trying to sow my raw oats 
In the penthouse position
With penthouse bitches
See I Pimp'd My crib, so I must exhibit [Xzibit]
Shit, these last years been a haze [Hayes] like Issac 
So I close my eyes 
Tighter than Asian eyes get
Realized I got the same wings angels fly 
With Louie Vutton feathers, now that some fly shit