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Artist: Geto Boys f/ Devin the Dude
Album:  Da Good, Da Bad & Da Ugly
Song:   Like Some Hoes
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[Intro: Willie D]
Especial quest, ha ha going out to all the whores out there
Ha ha, oh! I ain't just talking about the females
You know, there's a lot of niggaz, that have whore-like qualities
Just peep that shit, as oppose they mad at the clothes
Cash flows, ha ha

[Verse One: Willie D]
Look at these haters, pulling me over, in my 'Gater
Dirty fuckers, they ain't nothing but some Cock-suckers
Fifteen rolling through the B-nickle
And everything is working on my V-Hickle
I'm sick of all you motherfucking crooked cops
The minute you pussy see me up, you make the block
Checking out your screen, hoping I ain't clean
Mother fuck your guns and your badge and your sirens
All my cop homies, I got recognize them
Not only do I know my rights, I exercise them against
You motherfuckers that abuse your authority
Ain't no pleasure to bust a cap in your ass cause you ain't especial
You breathe like me, you bleed like me, from slugs
So why you mean mugging when I come in the club?
What you jealous of? - the jewelry, ha ha, the money, the car?
Don't hate me cause I'm paid homeboy

[Chorus: Scarface] 
Niggaz be player-hate me, like some whores
Men talking about me daily, like some whores
Cause I will leave to you the major-lay, I suppose
Throwing shit all up in my Bentley, you're some whores

[Verse Two: Scarface]
I'm mad to hand your ass post bar, posted up
Nigga offing training camp, flossing in his Expedition
Thinking he can change her tramp-ass, she is on a mission
Now, checking out my stone blocks
Earrings, Rolex, Equating band, it don't stop
But now we're making contact, eye to eye, she is smiling
Believes to wide shinning, fat-ass is just the profiling
Now I'm out on the grinding, friendly to get the paper work
Game tight to her size, we're both involved, let's make it work
Took her to a restaurant, admiring the 512 Testarossa, 92
It's an Old School but all well, headed to a private spot
Get her out the Parking Lot
Nigga, must be knew the bro, but this nigga talked though
He will tell her boy for it, what the fuck is that going to do? 
Long as you don't fuck with me, I ain't finna fuck with you
Burning up her cell phone, leaving hell of call open
I'm listening to your hating man, man this awesome


[Verse Three: Devin the Dude]
I'm just minding my business, officer what is this?
Don't shoot me in my kidneys
I just came from my girl crib and she is talking shit
She said somebody has been calling her, some old stalking bitch
Who said I fucked her, and left her, she reminds me of you
Who always run behind me, winning and flipping blue
So why would you fucking with me, while I'm trying to chill?
You think I'm selling crack, from a seventy nine Seville
Just had it open kind of big, it ain't even kicked in
You've been following me, fucking with me every since sixteen
I'm just trying to go and see my very close good friends
You're calling up in his house and I'm feeling kick ends
So, I'm just, rolling, car not stolen
I be typing and writing in the Vogue tripe's golden
Hoping, freaks will get inside in my Seville seventy nine
But you keep hating on me