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Artist: Gambino Family f/ Mo B. Dick, Mystikal
Album:  Ghetto Organized
Song:   Only G's Ride
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[Mo B Dick]
all these hoes wanna ride with me
but ain't no hoes gonna ride with me
nuttin but g's gonna ride with me
so all you real g's come and follow me X2

fuck a bitch 
ain't no hoe gon be ridin with me
not for free, best to believe
she be down on her knees
with a mouth full of dick
bitches love that shit
and if you ain't with that 
you get the fuck
cause a million hoes standin in the lobby
screamin Gotti I wanna party
so I'm back to the room sippin hennessy
me and my nigga P'heno and Mystikal
bout to pull a studio B for sure
and if you didn't know
check the ice around her wrists
around her necks, around her fingers
we love bein these ghetto rap singers
Bitch, ha ha ha ha
only real g's ride with me


these hoes be plottin on a nigga riches
but ain't nothin but g's and killas
rollin with this nigga
so how you figure you gon ride
in my bubble eyed
nice try, besides bein on your knees
I ain't wastin my time
I'm tryin to shine in the spotlight
so get it right, I'm in the club 
tryin to get a gimp home tonight
Melchior, I know you heard of me
a young g and ain't none of these hoes 
gon ride with me

it's Reginelli for sure
and I ain't ride with no hoes
the only thing to ride with me
is turum 264
these bitches all in my face
cause I'm flossin the six
if you want to ride in my benz
you got to be bout suckin dick
believe that Bitch


now these hoes say I done changed
since I got a little change
I'm still that same ole nigga
same name but just a little more fame
it went from catching the bus
into a Lexus truck
and from a Guess that was ticking 
into a Rolex trust
representin to the fullest
stick to the G code
I never ride with foes
and none of you skanless hoes
I only put up with real niggas like
Mo B Dick and tooch
treal niggas ain't givin a fuck 
when it's time to shoot
back in the boot
you hoes was too cute
now these bitches they wanna ride
but I put that shit on mute
ain't no ridin with me
or gettin high with me
I be that nigga they call P'heno
out that 1 2 3 Ya heard me


baby baby what cha mean where I'm goin
ain't nothin but real niggas 
be wantin to get mine for fifty when I come through
it's some gangsta shit chall bumpin on
all I got is a couple of gimps 
what the fuck they gon do
cause after my heart and my ball and my nine
ain't shit left
cause all she got in my backup is rubbers 
and numbers and dickbreath
lipstick for her lipwear
waitin for me at your fuckin house
I see you when I get there
tell you how it's been and how it's gon be
if you really wanna ride, baby you can ride me
ride the dick or put the dick in your mouth
I said ride the dick, then get your ass out
we killas and killas hustlas robbers and thieves
fuck these bitches, I'm ridin with G's

chorus until end