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Artist: G-Unit
Album:  They Talked About Jesus {S}
Song:   They Talked About Jesus
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[Intro: Young Buck]
Hello? Hello?
Anybody know where G-Unit is?
50, where the fuck you at nigga? (uh)

[Chorus: Young Buck] + (Lloyd Banks)
Somebody called and said the rap game needs us
(They talkin) Fuck it, they talked about Jesus
(Still hatin) Yeah, they hated on Jesus
(The real waitin) They talked about Jesus
This one here is for all non-believers
(They talkin) Fuck it, they talked about Jesus
(Still hatin) Yeah, they hated on Jesus
(The real waitin) You know they talked about Jesus

[Young Buck]
(Yeah!) I could care less 'bout a rapper, and his entourage
I don't give a fuck 'bout a Phantom, it's not in our garage
Quick to take a project bitch, to a travel lodge
Fuck her to some Mary J. Blige, get out of dodge
Dirty nigga! But all my dope clean though
And I got fishscale for sale, fuck you mean hoe?
You niggaz crack under pressure, Tim Tebow
Your shots didn't hit and you was at the free throw!
I let my heat go, pull off with my seat low
Barrel smokin, I keep askin Banks, "Where the weed go?"
Still with the shit, still searchin for a kilo
I'm the reason why these niggaz peepin out they peephole (hello?)


[Lloyd Banks]
Uh, wouldn't dent a armor at them niggaz all together
Louie summer sweater, Yankee on the sky-dweller
'gamo belt, fly fella, they think all of mines vanilla
Six or seven more flavors out in Vegas with weather
Light my kush up in the Hall of Fame (uh)
Cavemen, break out your ball and chain, I'll orchestrate the walk of shame
Your life's plain, escort me through here like the president
Royal room, you gotta tell the hoes what hotel I'm in
You never been, you out here regular, ain't got one heckler
I ball consecutive, as long as they got neck to give
Salute me you ever see me, I'm a vet
CD full of crack, easy with the grills, click-clack


[Tony Yayo]
Yeah, fishscale pay the bills, I ain't never been broke
Arm ya, Adrien Broner, on the ropes
I'm still at that Mickey D's off Atlantic
My BK niggaz, man I feed 'em hammers
My connect only speaks Spanish
Uno dos tres quatro, four bricks then vanish, jump in the Martin Vanquish
Donald Sterling think he a slavemaster
Turn my Clippers jersey inside out
Feed niggaz with long spoons runnin they mouth
Godfathers to the head, baseball bat, Mike Trout your legs
Overseas pussy, y'all lovin dots
Been around the world, crime scene in a parking lot