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Artist: G-Unit
Album:  Nah I'm Talking 'Bout (S)
Song:   Nah I'm Talking 'Bout
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[Chorus: 50 Cent]
I've been grindin my whole life nigga
Fuck you talkin 'bout?
I'm talkin 'bout eatin, pushin that white nigga
You know what I'm about
Front with my shit, better come correct, nigga
Fuck you talkin 'bout?
Talkin 'bout hittin a nigga with this Tec, nigga
Know'm talkin 'bout?

[Young Buck] + (50 Cent)
Yeah, I've been unwrappin them bricks, nigga
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
Baggin up pounds of kush with yo' bitch, nigga
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
Stashin these pills, hopin they fit, nigga
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
Don't worry about me and the Unit, we the shit, nigga
(Know'm talkin 'bout?) Fuck you talkin 'bout?

[Lloyd Banks] + (50 Cent)
I got million dollar schemes on my mind, nigga
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
Them Cuban on, touch a link and shots flyin, nigga
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
I'm still fuckin three hoes at one time, faded
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
Put my motherfuckin game on her now her mind's X-rated
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
I got my status up grindin, made it from the bottom like you
Southside nigga to a month in Cancún
Huge rocks pokin, I don't need an AC
Banks goin through everything B-I-two G's
These niggaz rappin now stupid, stupid
Braggin, they ain't never sold a unit - one unit
A-a-actin like you will, never do it, do it
Don't wind up on the wall over music

[50 Cent]
I can get it, get it for you for the low
650 nigga for a O
Blink a kilo is out the do'
Don't fuck around when I'm hustlin bo
I got a hundred mil' in my stash, nigga
Know'm talkin 'bout?
Muh'fuck that bank, I got it in cash, nigga
Know'm talkin 'bout?
E'rything cool here 'til I trip, nigga
Know'm talkin 'bout?
Have a nigga hit you, your cousin then yo' bitch, nigga
Know'm talkin 'bout?


[Interlude: Young Buck] + (50 Cent)
And I'm fresh out the pen back sellin dope, nigga!
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
50 said we ain't never goin broke, nigga
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
Just blew what your house cost on my neck, nigga!
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
Bitch better come find me she want a check, nigga
(Know'm talkin 'bout?) G-Unit bitch!

[Tony Yayo] + (50 Cent)
Yo! The bitch is only yours in the bed nigga
These hoes ain't loyal, want bread winners
Hit perfection, stole bread nigga
S-550 gettin head nigga (OWW~!)
European bitches crazy ass
With funny accents, Euros in my back
Trunk full of white boy, One Direction
On that I-9-5, Heckler for protection
One minute I'm home, next I'm in Rome nigga
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
Passport gang, my phone is on roam nigga
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
G-5 flight, I'm in my zone nigga
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
Why your bitch givin me dome nigga?
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)



[Kidd Kidd] + (50 Cent)
Rock O's, but you ain't even know it
Big Rosco, can't even hold it
This hot dough, but I ain't even sold it
Get your wig split, I ain't need to sew it
We ain't cool nigga
Yesterday's paper, old news nigga
Everything brand new nigga
I've been shittin, check your bathroom nigga
Big watch, I'm big time
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
My neck blink and my whip shine
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
Stick it in the freezer 'til it get silent
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
All my life I've been grindin
(Know'm talkin 'bout?) Now you know


[Outro: 50 Cent]
Y'all niggaz act like y'all don't know what I'm talkin 'bout
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
You could fuck around if you want and get ya ass laid out
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
This is, the Unit
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
The mighty mighty Unit
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
G-G-G-G-G, G-Unit! Nigga
(Know'm talkin 'bout?)
Hahahaha, ha ha ha ha, hahhh!