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Artist: G-Unit
Album:  Come Up {S}
Song:   Come Up
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[Intro: 50 Cent]
I'm that paper chasin, money makin hustler
Nigga you know, how I get down

[Chours: 50 Cent]
Big dreams, big bags of bread
Big money, you're fuckin with the kid - watch a nigga come up
Inf' beams, triple beams it seems
The street niggaz know just what I mean - watch a nigga come up
Born hustler, niggaz got to get paid
Shit real from the cradle to the grave - watch a nigga come up
Got to get it, we got, got to get it
Got the bread for the hit, nigga we with it - watch a nigga come up

[Lloyd Banks]
Uh, whenever you should want, have it, do you need me?
Drug dealer jewelry standin out, 3D
Double my dose, this a lotto high
Check my Vienne here, model cry, my autograph's a dollar sign
This should make us stars, cream dreams, my paper large
Had to erase a loss, propellers, I'm takin off
Steamin potent, I'm illegal rowin
My holy flow keep the demons foldin, 24 K, my team is blowin

[Young Buck]
Uh, yeah steppin with my strap on me
Racks on me in this hole-in-the-wall club with 100 packs on me
Got the goons out, you know we don't do much
Catch you comin out the club if you doin too much
Couple Cubans on my neck, smokin a Cuban on the jet
On my way to collect from niggaz that's losin bets
Joe Pesci baby, I enforce the rules
Take tools and tighten up niggaz with loose screws

[50 Cent]
Your bitch wanna be my bitch
She's sayin we friends, I done fucked her again
Now watch a nigga come up
Watch a nigga come up...
Grindin, diamonds shinin
Top to climb and we doin it big
Watch a nigga come up
Watch a nigga come up...

[Tony Yayo]
Feels like Hawaii goin through this car wash
Get the foreign, you know I gotta get the boss
A-R, green Beamer size of Kevin Hart
These +22 Jump Street+ niggaz talk
Watch a nigga come up off this trap phone
Colt jeans hold the coke, five flex roam
In the clouds, care less about the chit-chatter
Bad bitches don't fuck these Soundcloud rappers

[Kidd Kidd]
One, two, buck 'em out Guiseppe shoes
Pockets full of revenue, kitchen filled with residue
Pitchin on the avenue, million dollar attitude
Fuck you, pay me, I don't show gratitude
Told that hoe bring it back, rewind it
Now I got her on my mic beatboxin
Ye ain't gotta look for it, we got it
Get it hard, break it down, cut then re-rock it


[50 Cent]
I got the kind of success that's hard to measure
Tear the Unit apart, put it back together
I'm strong, I ain't mentionin what I'm benchin
I'm Merrill Lynch'in in the mall, I'll blow ya pension
Sharp as a blade, Tom Ford suede
Sneaker collection same color of grenade
Camouflage, damn I'm large, oh God
Aventador Lambo, hop in and just push start
I go 0 to 100 nigga, real quick
You talk money, I got money, this real shit
It's independent, now we eatin of a big plate
First week I make a million off my mixtape
Hello, you niggaz is slow, you got to catch up
You business savvy, you got to step up
You knew like a hoe, I don't understand ya
'Til you eatin the cheese, rattin on camera