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Artist: G-Unit
Album:  The Beauty of Independence
Song:   The Plug
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[Chorus 2X: 50 Cent]
If y'all niggaz need straps then get at me, I'm the plug
Well if you need that then get at me, I'm the plug
Dope, coke, crack; man get at me, I'm the plug
Holla when you need it - my price you can't beat it

[50 Cent]
Yeah, we move the work like it's water, stuff a quarter in your daughter
Cash flow like the Nile, I mean like right 'cross the border
You got to get it, I got it, if I ain't got it I get it
Fill your spot up with product, I got the straps for your hitters
Look here my price is my price, fuck is ya estimate nigga?
Ya ass doubt if I pull it out cause I'm blastin it figure
You bite the bullet, I bang it, get to bustin, it's nothin
Wave it, blaze it - hit the bull's-eye, I don't graze shit

[Lloyd Banks]
A.P. around me lately, C-notes serenade me
The smell made me crazy, product of the '80s
Numero uno, I'm out a legendary group, hoe
My soul's too cold, they blockin me, I found a loophole
I'm new gold, I got a couple dimes from Panama (Panama)
I make a little girl out an amazon (amazon)
Run on me, I'm squeezin like an anacon'
Then I'm gone, years from now I bet my power steer my lawn


[Tony Yayo]
Yeah, I believe I was born to ball
Penetrate the pussy, unless it smell like old tennis balls
I'm a rapper, I got a problem being punctual
A mil' at 26, these other rappers man they got the gall
to even think that they on my level
Sports Illustrated model all in my condo
Ice in the pot, in the trap I'm Sir Mix-a-Lot
'Bout to spend a mil' on a car lot

[Young Buck]
Streets dried up, get tied up for small packs
Niggaz workin, phone wired up, don't call back
I'm a surgeon, I put shit back together
I determined to bring my black Mac wherever!
Niggaz lurkin, this ain't the place to be
Fuck a hit, niggaz'll blow up your face for free!
Sunday sermon, preacher keep on facin me
It's like, every word he's sayin just relates to me!


[Kidd Kidd]
G-Unit gorilla, cocaine car wheeler
50 grand cash to the car dealer
Braggin on what you bought get you raw quicker
Tap you on the shoulder like "Take this walk nigga"
I fought every tall nigga, short temper
Tougher than leather, cut from a different cloth nigga
You ain't a boss, you can't afford to pay the costs nigga
Get caught, I was taught never talk nigga