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Artist: G-Unit
Album:  The Beauty of Independence
Song:   Big Body Benz *
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* Best Buy bonus track

[Intro: Kidd Kidd]
Uh, man
Remember niggaz used to pay bingo?
Like yo man, bingo man, that's my call man, for real (yoon!)
This nigga PJ used to have the fuckin flyest lifts on the block
Real nigga shit, knahmsayin?
For real, like just sit on my porch and just hustle all day
and just watch a nigga pass up and down the block, like yo
Big body Benz, big body Benz, big body Benz
I say all I ever wanted was a big body Benz
All I ever wanted

[Kidd Kidd]
Killers don't have no conscience, blat, won't think about it
Trap, up in them houses, rats, they Mickey Mouses
Gats, up in the trousers, Ma, came in and gave me a slap
Said she found all that crack, under her couches
I can't sleep, Fred Krueger in my dreams
Call niggaz all machines, all y'all work for me
And I'd rather work a triple beam than at Burger King
Rob you for your bling-bling, give me all yo' ching-ching
Flip yo' pockets from your jeans, make sure I got everything
before I leave, life's a bitch, and we just havin a fling
Man this chrome is like a phone, better answer it when it rings
Let it ring 'til it click, empty clip
You can smell me and see I've been through some shit, with my clique
M-Zone, Rida Gang, now these hoes gon' ride the dick
It's because of street fame these bitches know what it is
They gon' say I'm doin my thing when I pull up in that six
Lord knows

[Chorus 2X: Kidd Kidd] + (50 Cent)
All I ever wanted was a big body Benz
Big body Benz, big body Benz
All I ever wanted was a big body Benz
Big body Benz (and a clean set of rims)

[50 Cent]
Pushin coke and bought them Regals and them large DeVilles
Then they got them vapor bitches, I'm like "This for real?"
Give me, I want that big Benz with that emblem in the grille
Start packin the steel, lettin niggaz know the deal
I want that shit so bad, start thinkin "Who I got to kill?"
That's how a nigga feel when we out there in the field
That Glock was pumpin, paper comin, how can niggaz chill?
Barrel {?} manage gold teeth, put gold all in my grill
Shoot out shit, I rob your bitch, I use her as a shield
Shit, look at the wheels, whoo~! Look at the wheels
Chrome two-piece Lorenzos got me lookin like a mil'
Peace call, if you wanna talk then later we can build


[Lloyd Banks]
Uh, sittin back in my new AMG, smokin with 2-thou'-15
Golden wrist few pounds of green, park this shit shoot down yo' teams
Now it seems, oh so clear through Beams, oh so dope I lean
Fuck you mean? Lucky that you breathe, choke the leaf
Focus through my new designer lens, tell her not her friends
Beaucoup dollars spent, new jewels line 'em in, too cool time and when
I'm on top again, you gon' chop me off and 'scuse me out
Bullshit you about, front them Rugers out
Face the sword, no risk no reward, peace talk won't go nowhere gets ignored
Price you can't afford, white man at your courts
Get you more, right here like before, seen it all my life shit end like this
Come back filthy rich, still not guilty bitch


[Outro: Kidd Kidd]
Nigga, knahmean?
Dreams man, street dreams, ya feel me?
Free PJ, free my lil' homie Chucky, y'knahmsayin?
Straight up and down man, oww!
Free my nigga Red Elway, ya heard me?
Just caught ten, ya feel that?
Damn, shit real man, we just was all real niggaz man
Just out here chasin our dreams man
Everybody wanna be fly, everybody wanna live flashy, youknow'msayin?
It's all about feedin the fam man, straight up and down man
So we gon' do whatever it takes to get it
By any means... {*fades out*}