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Artist: G-Unit
Album:  The Beast Is G-Unit
Song:   Boy Boy
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[Intro: Tony Yayo]
Tougher than leather nigga
I'm tougher than an African kid runnin bare-foot in the gullies nigga
Know'msayin? I'm tough, O.G. now nigga
Haha, yeah, yeah

[Tony Yayo]
To all livin things around me
Cash rules everything around me
Your music is unenthusiastic
My jewelry glow in the dark, Škorpion from Serbia, catch you in traffic
20-round clip, curved magazine
And you could leave the Earth over small little things
John Gotti hit the cake, go bada-bing
And you ain't do shit when them things start to ring
Southside, we outside, niggaz kill son
They'll Seattle Seahawk you, throwin bullets like Wilson

[Young Buck]
White sheets cover his feet, Ku Klux Klan'ed your man
Left him in the streets, strap in his left hand
The thought of even comin around here was a death plan
And if a nigga co-sign that he a yes-man
(Shoot the fuck out of a fuck nigga, I'm all fucked up!)
So loser, I lose the dice game gettin stuck up
When shit real you get killed around here, it's not a big deal
Load her out nigga, use my big bitch for a shield
(Y'knahmsayin?) For real...

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
Boy boy boy boy boy boy, run your mouth I'm 'bout the shootin
You find out that we been shootin all along
Boy boy boy boy boy boy, you get caught without that Ruger
We put hot shit through you then we gone
Boy boy boy boy boy boy
Boy don't let me catch you slippin boy, boy
Boy you know I get to trippin boy, boy
Boy don't let me slap that clip in boy, boy
Boy you know I get to trippin boy, boy

[Tony Yayo]
My money up when them mil's come, L.A. Reid with the dope son
Jimmy Iovine with the coke son
Wise time fly by, I'm an O.G.
Bad bitch with double D's
Nigga Jordan couldn't palm these, feel the breeze
Wrap 'em in satin, they'll be gone by the morning
Federal subpoenas while SWAT kick the doors in
Fuck up the CHEESE, electric tape is to your daughter
I'll show that BITCH how to BREATHE under water
Excusez-moi, French bitches bendin over
Snatch 'em out a whip, throw 'em in the Range Rover
Snitches and phones, catch the 30-piece from the jury
Free {?} while they text about Lizzy body
Frank Lucas put flowers on Bump grave every Tuesday
That's loyalty
And don't listen to everything your lawyers say
Red dot, surgery with the laser
Have a nigga missin like that plane from Malaysia

[Kidd Kidd]
Fo'-fo', long nose is Gonzo's
Hundred-round drum on the K, that's bongos
Running your mouth with deadly convo, I clap like bravo
Bend back for the encore nigga
Huh? You pussy niggaz think you got nine lives?
I'ma make sure I stick you more than nine times
With that ice pick I'm a cold killer
You tuckin your tail and growin whiskers
Rat nigga...