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Artist: Future f/ Lil Wayne
Album:  Honest
Song:   Karate Chop (Remix)
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Future]
You know.. this just some real nigga shit
A real nigga story, y'knowatimsayin'? {"This beat is so so rich"} 

[Chorus: Future]
Ay; slang a, bunch of, nar-cotics (that work)
Pull up, in the, new, 'rarri (SKRRT)
Livin', like, John, Gotti 
Choppin', bricks, like ka-rate (WOOOAAHH~!)
Drink a, bunch of, co-deine (drank)
Servin', to the, dope, fiends (they smokers)
Blowin', money, stay, clean (Freebandz!)
Michael, Jackson, +Billy, Jean+ (who bad?)

Got a, Pana-mera, round a, young, nigga, neck (Porsche)
Got a, young, bitch, pullin', up, in a, vet (she worth it)
Smoke a, lot of, kush, and I, have a, lot of, sex (hah)
Had to, beat the, grind, up, ran, up my, check (WHOO!)
Bitch, nigga, get, money, nigga, get, that (that)
Roll a, blunt of, chronic, nigga, sell a, lot of, crack (crack)
You can, hit a, nigga, line, order, what you, want (BRRRT)
I can, whoop a, Mase-rati, pullin', up a, donk (pull up)
50, thousand, on yo', watch, young, nigga, splurge (splurge)
Pop a, Ace of, Spade, bottle, sip a, lot of, syrup (syrup)
Keep a, young, nigga, workin', gotta, buss a, cape (cape)
I'mma, take a, phone, call, hustle, er'y, day (what)


Whippin', up a, cake, just to, go and, snatch a, spider (spider)
Young, nigga, play with, keys, like a, type, writer (yah)
Al Ca-pone, John, Gotti, was a, nigga, idol
I was, never, snitchin', I can, put it, on the, Bible (I promise)
In a, fo', door, Beamer, drivin', with a, rifle (WHOO)
Nigga, where you, at, nigga, we gon', pull up, on ya (right now)
Young, bitch, lookin', like, Janet, in the, 80's (80's)
We was, grindin', up, from a, tube, and a, baby (WHOO)
Got the, girl, drippin', wet, like a, Jheri, curl (curl)
Got a, styro-foam, cup, and it's, full of, syrup (po' up)
Send it, over, from, Lil Mexi-co and, let me, work (let's work)
I can, get, thirty, six, for a, clean, shirt (shirt)


[Lil Wayne]
Yeah... check me out...
Pop a, lot of, pain, pills (pills)
'Bout to, put, rims, on my, skate-board, wheels (wheels)
Yeah, beat that, pussy, up like, Emmett, Till (Till)
Yeah.. hmm-mm-mmm...
Two cell phones ringin' at the same time (same time)
That's your ho, callin' from two different phones (different phones)
Tell that bitch "leave me the fuck alone!" 
See, you fuck her wrong, and I fuck her long (long)
I got a love-hate relationship with Molly (Molly)
I'd rather pop an ollie (ollie) and my dick is a trolley
Boy, I'll bury/Berry you like Halle, and these hoes say I'm blind
Cause I don't see nothin' wrong with a little bump and grind 
Man I just received a package (package) them other niggas taxin' (taxin')
And my pockets so fat (fat) I'm startin' to feel contractions
And my cousin went to jail for them chickens
And he already home and that nigga must be snitchin'; cut him off like karate

[Chorus] w/ Lil Wayne ad-libs