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Artist: FunkMaster Flex f/ Nature
Album:  The Mix Tape Volume IV: 60 Minutes of Funk
Song:   The Needle
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Turn your Radios Up, Turn Your Radios Up
This that one right here I was telling yall niggas about
That Nature shit
(Queens Bridge)
That Flex shit
(We gonna beat yall in yall fucking heads)
That direct shit

(verse 1)
A yo, a yo, a yo, a yo,
I rock a short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts
Your freestyles hot though you songs need work.
Ya shit stay in the hood while my songs leave earth
Every 16 I drop a concrete verse.
Smack is just like a brick to a skull more slicker that dull
Queens bridge nigga hit you for sure.
Change the locks on your door niggas still get through
It ain't a muthafucking thing I ain't willing to do (home boy)
It ain't no killer in you ya hand cuffed
F there (???) don't make me tear that ass up
We could do it all day until we winded or injured
Sit back and have a few drinks and maybe
She pushed the issue I push you deep in grave 
Wilder than a Puerto Rican parade
Keep the thing wit me all the time even when I'm going to court
I'm prepared I don't know what you thought 
Yall don't here me though

(chorus 1x)
Never been afraid, nigga never once told
Catch me in the projects in you want cold
Catch me in the mic room if you want hits so what you want bitch I know you want this

A yo A yo A yo
I know the roaches get big, the showers stay cold
The clinic stay packed, the power stay sold
Niggas showing off no matter how much they sold
Fuck the cops, they fowler than us and they know
They just pick a nigga, cuff a nigga
Run em in do the same to another nigga
Once again it's a I S bill, we need Cockrine fierce(???)
Yo we gotta do something Cause they not gonna fear us.
Fuck that, my man Jay used to play for the Dogers
Hurt his hand string now he watches
Got hoes topless and other hoes totally nude
But he keep them to his self and me supposed to be schooled
Type of nigga that I'll show me the wolves and try to pet them
Getting to hot I perspire venom I put the fire in them
Make it so they never cool off 
And when the snow clears tell them who lost
They don't hear me though

(chorus 1x)

I know you want this
I know you want this
You know you need this
What, Wild gremlins, 2000
Funk Flex, Queens Bridge
Nature, Big Joey 
Yall niggas Know