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Artist: Funkmaster Flex f/ Faith Evans
Album:  The Mix Tape Volume IV: 60 Minutes of Funk
Song:   Goodlife
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yeah, funk flex
60 minutes of funk, volume 4 baby

[verse 1]
seven days of working no breaks
gotta take a day off to unwind
it gives me, time to get away
a little time to ease my mind, my mind, my mind

1-   forget about your worries
     save all problems for tommarow
     tonight i'm just trying to have a good time
     dj play, the easy way
     the music right, do it to to me
     don't you wanna live the good life?

2-   (the good life)
      no stress, good friends in
     (the good life)
      lay back relax, its the
     (the good life)
      good love, no messes the
     (the good life)
      wanna live in the good life

[verse 2]
dancing with a glass of champagne
or maybe chardinay, keep it feeling good all night
see so many happy people on the floor
just leave your problems at the door, the door

repeat 1
repeat 2
repeat 2

will dance, the night away
this time, it feels so good and i wanna stay
all though i hate i have to go and face another day
i'm gonna get my grove on and party, party

repeat 1
repeat 2

[funkmaster flex]
ya exactly, yah
shout to puff daddy
bad boy, faith evans ya know all that
funkmaster flex nigga sixty minutes of funk
now we gonna do it so so def style ya heard!