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Artist: Frank Ocean
Album:  channel ORANGE
Song:   Pilot Jones
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

We once had things in common
Now the only thing we share is the refrigerator
Ice cold, baby, I told you, I'm ice cold (ice cold!)
You out here flyin' high (high!)
Go 'head, fly that thing!
High! High!
But fly alone

[Frank Ocean]
You always smokin in the house
What if my mother comes over?
You can't get up and get a job
Cause this little hustle's getting you by
You're the dealerrrrrr
and the stoner, with the sweetest kiss around

I know what I was on
I had a Pilot Jones (what'chu know about that?)
She took me higher (oh did she now?)
Then she took me home
(We talkin 'bout)
Pilot Jones, Pilot Jones

[Frank Ocean]
Tonight she came stumblin across my lawn, again
I just don't know why, I keep on tryin to keep a grown woman sober
See there you go, reachin up your blouse
and no I don't want a child
But I ain't been touched in a whiiiile by the dealer
And the stoner, with the sweetest kiss I've ever known


[Frank Ocean]
In the sky up above - the birds
I saw the sky like I've never seen before
You thought I was above you
Above this in, so many ways
Buf if I got a condo on a cloud then I guess you can stay at my place
I'ma get one, mmhmm I need ya
Uh-huh I admit it
You're my Pilot Jones
{*airplane seatbelt beep, sound of plane touching down*}