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Artist: (Flesh-N-Bone f/) Reverend Run
Album:  T.H.U.G.S. (Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls)
Song:   Reverend Run Sermon
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[Reverend Run]
Now I said, now here this
Thus sayesth the Lord God
And I believe, a lot of us
Shouldn't even condemn these rappers
Because if nobody would ah told me about God
People would ah been
The church folks would ah been
Talkin bad about me
I believe we gon' have people like 
Rev. Snoop Doggy Dogg up here soon
We gon' have Rev. 2Pac
These brothaz need your encouragement
They do not need you to pull them down
I don't believe in bashin these people
That are out there on the street
I believe in encouraging them
I believe in bringin'em in
Because if nobody would ah helped me
I'd been messed up
Do unto others as you would want done to you
If you see ya brothaz and sista out there
On the street 
And you know they back slittin
Don't just go tell sista so-and-so 
You heard what happened on that child
Go and get her
Bring her in, and this is the reason you seen her
Cuz God wants you to go and get her
God wants you to love your brothaz and sistaz
Dis is not a game of hurtin each other
It's a game of helpin each other
You got to help one another
You got to love one another
You got to respect on another
We have such a crab mentality these days
You see somebody comin to the top ah the brow
You wanna pull'em down
But I believe we should help on another
I'm tellin ya right now, saints
I've given you my heart today
I'm lettin you know all the secret things that happened to me
It's not easy for to come out here and talk about
The things that happened in the past
But I want you to know somethin
That God has completely turned my life around
Let everyone stand
Give the Lord a hand clap
Praise the Lord