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Artist: The Fixxers (AMG & DJ Quik) f/ Rich Boy
Album:  Can You Werk With Dat?
Song:   So Good
Typed by: Ralphredimix

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Cause girls look so good
And a nigga like me I'm so hood
If ya didn't know, they really like it
they really likey, yeah they really like me

Forget about the shine, baby I'm a grinder
If you don't believe me, then let me get behind ya
I know where to find ya:
Drunk when the clubs close
Get a bite to eat, then off's comin yo' clothes
I don't really love hos but I got a few of em
And you know exactly what I like to do with em
I don't care about the colors, I'm a lover
If I got a pack of rubbers, motherfucker
Baby-mommas, girlfriends and little sisters
If your honey's been with me, just don't kiss her
Made her call me mister but prefer sir
AMG; international pervert
When things go bump in the night that mean I'm dickin her right
If the chicken is tight she get a fit
If the coochie loose as a goose she get a click (click!)
If she talkin' shit from the jump she get a "beeyach!"


[Rich Boy]
Dude... I aint got a Benz, I ride Caprice
I got a hood ho, that Haitian-Japanese
Four bullet wounds, three gold teeth
I scream it all day, "muthafuck the po-lice!"
I got another bad ho downest chick I saw(?)
Philly bitch super raw with the super-jaw
Stay down with the daddy she don't talk a lot
I swear to God she da baddest bitch I ever saw
Holla, "give it to me Rich", "put some D's on that bitch"
Quik, AMG and Rich Boy we smokin weed in this bitch
Ho every 400 but I told her I don't trick
Plus she bust to give up quick
All she need is some dick
Hoppin out the two-door, jumpin' on the G-4
Cruise out to Cali-O and went up in the studio
You lookin good, baby, but you know that I'm the man
These hos lickin on my balls wearing wedding bands


[DJ Quik]
I got money in my pocket, so baby, what it cost?
Cause anything that you got to sell me can't be a loss
So wuttup with the toss on you, baby, you want a boss?
Yea, only if your panties resemble my dental floss
Cause Julius Caesar is lookin for a skeezer
Now I'll take you to my diner, wall-unit filled with china
I'm finer than a minor, but major with my sway-jer,
That's swagger, if you're stupid and dumb and need your pager so wake-up!
Go to sleep and come back with me to my creep
No bitch, it ain't in Compton, it's somewhere out by the beach
So hang up while we talkin, that's rude, you stop texting that dude before
you order your food
Now who the fuck is you bitch?
No, that's alright, goodnight. Oh, you the dumb one alright
It goes just how it's planned, coz you can't keep no man
I gave your sister my number, yeah we already did it
I'm just trying to hit both of you bitches, gotta admit it


In Alabama the girls they look so good
And all my thugs in Chi-town is so hood
And all the honeys in Atlanta look so good
And all my playas in Saint Louis so hood
And all the cuties in Houston look so good
And all my pimps in Memphis is so hood
And all the ladies in Miami look so good
From the Bay to LA we just so hood