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Artist: The Firm f/ Dr. Dre
Album:  Phone Tap 12"
Song:   Everyday Thing
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[Intro: Nas Escobar]
Uhh.. What?
Y'all don't get this everyday, word!

[Verse One: Nas Escobar]
With so much drama in Q-B-C, it's kind of hard being Escobaro
El Derado red, sipping Don out the bottle
My life is like a Donald Goines novel
We wave glasses like Bravo, drunk niggaz with mad problems
Shot pockets, niggaz on the block rock this
Buy cocaine, cook it and chop it
Looking to profit, in triple ways
Going through this difficult stage
Called life when each year my physical is praised
Niggaz slip beyond to reach your help
Cut in the street, thinking they can teach their self
When all we wanted was a piece of wealth
And randomly we feed our family, these streets are insanity
Amber me, caught inside a thug's fantasy
Richest nigga in showbiz; is what I plan to be
Heavy desire, hold this nine ready to fire
You know me, show me the money like I'm Jerry Maguire
It's on

[Verse Two: Nature]
It's time we set it straight, connect with Dre the correct way
Predicted platinum in less than a day
So for that we toast, this one's for us while y'all lacking hope
All I do is write rap, stack, relax and smoke
Watching my dreams come true, stay humble in the eyes of others
Politicking with the wisest brothers
It's Nature, one of the latest, peep how I play this
Straight from The Bridge, one of your kid's favorites
From now, til the day that I'm stiff
Foul flagrant, pay the rent, always stay swift
Stuck in my ways, type chauvinistic
Since the youth; I had a thing for big hoops, flooded rings and older
Holding my riches, in lump sums, for trust funds
Fully recovered thugs lust to bust guns
While some will get drunk, beat wives and cuss sons
A slow process, called life, let's show progress

[Verse Three: Dr. Dre]
Check it.. when I said I hold my own I wasn't fronting
Never claimed to be the baddest, but skills; I got a little something
Coming through, new clique and tracks
Known for blazing on the Chronic that's what put me on the map
Nothing can give me more pleasure to start this
I worked the hardest, dug the farthest
Making me illest producing artist
Done crimes, ran from One Time
Can catch me with my crew busting rhymes in the sun shine state
No caste; to build; I chill with millionaires
Out to make the killing for real, my resolution this year
Few places I walked, most imagine
New faces I met at beauty pageants
Past cuties, now wanna do me
Yo, I never forgot where I'm from
I check for family and every nigga that was down from day one
If you ain't speaking money language I can't hang
You know your conversation is weak, so it's senseless to speak