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Artist: Fat Joe f/ Benisour
Album:  Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E. 2)
Song:   Cupcake
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[Intro: Fat Joe]
Aiyyo Schife (heh)
We don't give a fuck about that recession

[Chorus: Benisour]
Bitch I'm on the grind (grind) movin them cupcakes (cupcakes)
Then bust open that duct tape (pow)
I'ma show ya how to do a thing with a (thing with a)
Show ya how to run a team with a
Bitch I'm on the grind (grind) movin them cupcakes (cupcakes)
Then bust open that duct tape (pow)
Nigga let me show you how to work that (work that)
Drop it in the water, watch it double back

[Fat Joe]
I got that white bitch (white bitch) call her Rachel Ray
She's the best in the kitchen, have you niggaz scrapin plates
Got that hard shit, the soft shit, anyway you want it
Got that mac if they talk shit, don't nobody want it
with the G to the O to the D of the ghetto
Yeah we stays on that rock shit, packin heavy metal
Got that BASS~! (Bass!) I ain't talkin 'bout no treble
I am a menace to society, a motherfuckin rebel
Yeah she's askin for the scissors but I hit her from the back
Yeah she calls me hugs and kisses but you could just call me Crack
Got them goonies with me niggaz and them flags is off black
Couple cuffies in the duffies and we headed for the track (bitch!)


Sportin new rocks in the kitchen workin two pots
Tell 'em supper's ready; time to feed the block
Got them cupcakes movin like clockwork
Wet sittin on sixty-seven, one vert'
Grippin grain; ridin with them cupcakes
Y'all green-ass niggaz don't touch weight (naw)
750 a cup, that's what it's goin for (goin for)
White girl on deck, do you know her brah? (Ha!)
And I can introduce you to her brother too (brother too)
And he'll have you ridin in that purple Coupe (yeah)
Put a five on him man and see what he do (what he do)
Unless you be another greedy muh'fucker you


[Fat Joe]
Cupcakes! (Cupcakes!) Yeah who want them cupcakes?
Got 'em for the low, watch me bust open that duct tape
Want a Little Debbyie, we call that bitch jailbait
And need a whole ki', well that's a-called bail cake
A thousand of the butter watch it spread through the hood
If you get it how I get it you be shittin if you could
What you niggaz constipated? Yeah we drug related
Throwin money out the sunroof, screamin out "We made it!"
With my Palm Beach niggaz, Schife on the track
It's a slow flow killer like a knife in your back
Yeah I'm nice with the raps, nicer in the kitchen
Tell the judge suck my dick, I'ma serve him in the prison


[Outro: Fat Joe]
Yeah! Benisour we don't see no recession nigga
Every time you see me; clean nigga
My sneakers is clean - they sick!
My luggage clean; my top is off the bitch is clean!
Them diamond is clean
Lot of y'all fuck niggaz be havin them dull ass diamonds
Hahaha, AOW!
Benisour! Crack! Terror! Yeah
T.A. I see you nigga, Macho I see you nigga
Drop I see you nigga, Uncle Stan, it's on now nigga
We gon' hit that fuckin Forbes nigga
We gon' get it bitch
Oh yeah, Schife on the track, AOW!