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Artist: Fabolous f/ Rich Homie Quan
Album:  The Young OG Project 
Song:   We Good
Typed by: Cedmaster3K 

[Intro: Rich Homie Quan]
We good, we good
Fab, R-H-Q

[Chorus: Rich Homie Quan]
Been a couple years since a nigga got put on
Say ya boy a star, he outta here, he gone
There ain't much that you can do that I can't do for me
I already got my team
I tell 'em we good, we good, we good, we good
All of my niggas from the hood 
I tell 'em we good, we good, we good, we good
We good, we good, we good

Ay, you wasn't there when we needed your help so we good (so we good) 
They wouldn't do it, I did it myself now we good (now we good)
Sorry my nigga can't buy what you sellin', we good (sorry, my nigga)
I heard that my ex askin' 'bout me, just tell her we good
Uhh, pourin' some D'usse inside of my cup and some OJ inside a B-wood
Uhh, blowin' on hookah, some good girls is here but I swear they not here to be good
Uhh, that boy from Brooklyn, they want what he cookin'
They heard that his recipe good
Uhh, horoscope say that we bad for each other, but the sex'll be good
Get with the Scorpio, I'm gettin' more Fritos
They gettin' chips but I'm gettin' Doritos
'Bout to get more Cheetos, I get you wet have you bustin' like torpedoes
You came three times, you tryin' to four-peat though?
She said "We good, nigga you try to kill me?"
I'm tryin' to make sure you good, do you feel me?
Knock on that nigga and tell him you good
when he said "Come over" tell him you would
But see the way that my shit is set up, you in the bed and you cannot get up
Focus on you homie, get your bread up, things will get easier keep your head up
She with the game now she throw the set up
and she fuckin' me good and she make the bed up
So we good, we good


We good on you niggas
Don't gotta wish cause we would on you niggas (huh)
Back in the day we was good little niggas (huh)
y'all must of thought that we wouldn't get bigger (what?!)
Y'all must of thought that we wouldn't get money (heh) shit we a good seven figures
Give us a shot and we pullin' the trigger and pull up on niggas like skrrt!
Pull up with bitches like her, full of chinchilla the fur
bulletproof everything sir
You know them haters be tryin' to take shots (bow!)
they on the bench and they tryin' to take spots (bow!)
Them niggas ice cold that you tryin' to make hot (huh)
them bitches ain't real when you find 'em they thots (huh)
The feeling, we good on that fake shit (yeah) we out here tryin' to stay far from it
We know 'bout the bottom, we all from it, we in the hood but you ball from it
Did it my way not like y'all done it then I just wait and Lacoste them
I did it flyer while y'all bummin' (woo!) this shit ain't hard for me (easy)
Too many flavors to do on these haters but do me a favor don't do me no favors
We good, we good