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Artist: Fredro Starr f/ Begetz, Ice-T, Mieva, Versatile
Album:  Firestarr
Song:   One Night
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[Chorus 2X: Mieva]
I don't want to love you
I just wanna, fuck you
One night, one night, just wanna fuck you

Oh bitch you so fine, like a trampoline wit rocks you just shine
Be a real bitch, let me hit it from behind
Which bed you wanna climb, throwin lace and shit
Just want the pussy one time, let 'em know
I don't love 'em, I don't hate 'em neither
Best way to describe Begetz, is the faithful cheater
Ain't no rings on ya finger, is we fuckin or what?
Pack a overnight bag, and still ya man trust
Said "guns turn me on" she got a thing for rappers
Gettin fucked in the ass, face stuck in the mattress
Should of listened to Fire, every bitch is liar
Ain't worth shit but a blunt and lighter, get high bitch

I treat a bitch like a ho, cuz a ho's a bitch
You know it's Other People's Money that be makin them trick
They makin me sick, never stop suckin my dick
Thinkin the nigga runnin tricks cuz he sit in a six
I by Crys' just to spit on bitch
Very Important Pimp, I know you hear that bitch
You see this wrist? When the sky look like this, ya ass can skip
A bitch will learn, first of all I don't pay for titties
Know you man, gettin hed in a Range, in the city
Hittin switches, while ya whole ass zip down my dickey
Avoidin hickeys, I don't love ya hoes for nothin
Smack a bitch, and you think I'm frontin, playa, trick

[Chorus 2X]

[Fredro Starr]
Trick, what, lace who? I ain't Mase, boo
Fire is a nigga that'll fuck you and tape you
And show it to your face boo, not behind ya back
And let you see how you gettin murdered from the back
If it wasn't for the flicks would you be all on my dick
When we fuckin, you let a nigga call you bitch
When you suckin, will make you swallow all of my shit
Should of "Treat You Like a Prostitute" and listened to Rick
But the head got better, pussy got wetter
Six months later, Begetz couldn't dead her
But guess what? I keep that bitch broker than fuck
Let her browse wit a cloud and started open her up
I brought her out though, shoes, just to open her up
It's coconuts, the way she sniff coke up the nuts
You know the rules, keep 'em pretty, never cash in the hand
That's what you get from a one night stand, don't move bitch

[Chorus to end]

That's right bitch, don't move, this Ice-T bitch
Now you got real trouble, you know what I'm sayin
Fire let me holla at this ho
Yo bitch, they told me if you knew better, you'd choose better
You know? You think long, you think wrong
The problem is bitch, you can't swing a slow bat at a fast pitch
Fuck a nigga like me, you might get rich
But it ain't gonna be all fun
you step outta poppin one muthafuckin inch
You better duck or run
I really can't get mad at you for not recognizin this izzy
Cuz if you ain't never had nothin
how the fuck you supposed to get used to somethin
The true root of the problem wit most of ya broke ass hoses
You so muthafuckin used to losin
you can't even figure out what ya fuckin, what