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Artist: Extra Prolific
Album:  Like it Should Be
Song:   Sweet Potato Pie

Can I have it?
I was ready to stab it so,
but she was one of those bad habit hoes
if I didn't get no pie I just might manage to bust
man i wanna slam ya but i won't damage your crust
so what's the price for a slice
she told me twice it wasn't nice to entice
but i'm feeling alright tonight
I'll settle for a sliver
Frontin' freak won't mettle your liver
fun is cheap I bet I'll give you one
deep memory
so while your waiting up on your husband
be a friend of thee
I'll take time with your spine so be content with
these hold you quick
got my spoon ready mold your clit
that passion run wild while I hold your shit
16 teeth did not know I would be dicking thee
ho that said no because i'm strict with thee
Persistent ways and It pays,
I'm waxin these hoes for the rest of my days

"Gimme some sweet potato pie
I want some sweet potato pie girl"

I flirt with a skirt and get aggressive like Gerald Levert
it never hurts all the while i'm thinkin dessert
sweet potato, and we can fade a fifth
if you lift your skirt, I'll hit and see ya later
and show you a whole new meaning of train of thought,
Mike G benefits off
what Dwayne has caught
come on I'll use you twice wont bruise your slice
Be prepared to screw and  I'm gonna do your crew
I wont bring you flowers
but you can give me two lips (tulips)
And few dips didn't like the way I do hips
So hold it steady
I'm ready to meet youth with a sweet tooth
and when you come over I wanna see you in something see-through
Hold up, wait a minute
let me put my spoon in
serving your cervix until there's no helpings left
yellin theft won't do you no good
won't help because you volunteered
So when I see you come near


I remeber this broad named Jane
it was plain that she awas insane for Duane
I boned this freak so many times
that it wasn't funny
nutritious cereals can show the way I'm nuttin honey
so I had her sellin pie with a hella-fied servings
had young niggas sprung
and ain't no telling why
dough she made for me
8 more hoes who knows
I can start a ho bakery
knockin streets outa buisness cause the recipe
I guess was just the best with ecstacy
and that's the beauty and the beast
it took a little while but I finally got my piece.