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Artist: Extra Prolific f/ Pep Love
Album:  Like It Should Be
Song:   Go Back to School

Hands upon my ears while my peers laugh at the last song 
but stop chuckleing this is new and now the past is gone 
now who can kick a flow better than this 
veterans try pulling away 
never will you leave I getum with this 
and hitum with this 
me'n'Pep see'n reps be'n kept written in lists of gold 
call upon your forces 
I force this to your memory so switcha 
cause niggaz getting took like a picture 
developin swell open your mind as I kick another funky one 
I cum on back more times than a porno flick 
my style is sweeter than Richard Simmons 
but still got women 
lime to a lemon 
lemon to a lime 
Pastor Snupe yeah you know I'm slick    
control your  girl cause she's rideing all over my. . . 
men with those 
on the shrink get no play 
I think but I would'nt know 
and I could'nt go 
out like a dike 
mic check is it clear 
fear nothing bluffing 
never ever severed to the rear 
no one can do this like I can 
(now why is that?)
cause me'n' Pep we do it grand. . .

"Go back to school when your summer time's over
Go back to school when your summer time is done"

Pep love:

I'm brilliant 
chill wit the niggaz that are massive 
ask Cas if you didnt know your slow like mollasses 
I'm fast 
wit the gas 
hit the grass 
indica gives a blast 
it's the last Mister Mean 
or is he pleasant as a rose to the hoes 
a future to the present 
buda bie bie 
I fly heads like phesant 
when I bust I must destrength 
never lack luster black 
whats the mack up to next 
I'm vexed 
I use a bat to flex if I gotta gat I'll buck you 
your brain is clutched 
game is touched now everybody need to explain to us 
the ways that they been plaigerisen way that I've been stylin 
get off Snupe's dick or I'll be forced to go buckwhyl-
in a minute or two 
I'm in it but you 
are about to be finished cause once again its my crew 
who's a looser snoozer on the Shamen 
'n' Snupe 
groups be on the charlie 
and ooh, we 
get the job done 
slob on my Knob one time 
phuck the cops 
you don't stop the crime and I'm out!