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Artist: Extra Kool
Album:  Tickled Pink
Song:   All My Love
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pack the bags
it's time to leave before I find myself a purpose
run the hands across the life, sometimes it's just a circus
I hope she still loves me, when my eyes finally close
a vacant heart to spread disease still gone from head to toe
I'm a caustic little man, wasting caustic little kisses
hold a cough inside my hand, give all to best of wishes
her smiles are so delicious, but she needs time to breath
the flames burnt out
she said she's seen enough of me, a fate worst then death
I want my chest to stop beating
I wish the world still loved me, and I never hurt from grieving
lay down, eyes up, let her voice fill the ceiling
remember all the times she cried, and all the smiles that she'd give me
I feel like a failed kidney
in a world with no donors, eat my words, by and by
I'm the void between my shoulders, the heads getting colder
violent tears in my eyes
a set of love, lost and locked, I am just a parasite

I use to want to die, until my brother beat me to it
now my stomach just cries, no more acting foolish
keep the fame under wraps, fuck love, no give backs
hide the name from the eyes, so far from impact
hold the head little man, keep the track spic and span
hold the tongue ever slightly treat your life as quicksand
trade your words, and pay your dues, stay down like tennis shoes
this depression never wins, it's to late, it mustn't lose

now I'm back on top, sit tight, I can't stand me
sell the struggle, till I die, act normal in front of family
in a world of cotton candy, I am laced in moth balls
cross the "T's" and dot the "I's" lose legs and start to crawl
bounce hard like pinballs, living like a circumcision
drowning ink across the page, give pace some competition, only ask for recognition
I can barely go to sleep, between love and losing Sid
I am just to fucking weak, I am hung when I speak
try to dig myself some holes, please Lindsay still need me
I was just an asshole, walking home in the snow
I watch the breath start to freeze
see the leaves shed there limbs, night covers up the trees
shiver tight inside of sleeves, shake the hands inside of gloves
close my eyes and start to speak, give my family all my love