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Artist: Evil Ed f/ Asaviour, Jehst
Album:  The Enthusiast
Song:   Weed
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[Verse 1: Jehst]
So when I'm fed up I get redder
Mary Jane messed my head up, she could be my best friend forever
At times I regret that I met her when she eats all my cheddar
But she makes life seem better like whatever 
is stressing me out, she settles me down
Put it in the air brev and spread it around
But don't abuse it, we using the temple ball
From Nepal it's a mental tool
Meditating like we're meant to, just the way god intended
when I pick up the pencil and scrawl the splendid
I use to use cigarette, mix and blend it 
Now I don't tend to peng everybody offended
If they critisise weed, defend it
A crystalised hydro glistening
Blow my mind like nitroglycerin
This is the deal, all day, everyday, give you something to feel

[Chorus] {X2}
We bark weed (weed!)
Sticky green trees
Pick out the stalk, no stick and no seed
We stay lean off this THC
Nine ounce to the bar, four bars to the ki

[Verse 2: Asaviour]
(Watch the) peripheral switch, the weed with slates of chips
Then safley remove the twig, that's the life of the weeding tip
With king slims and choice blends to no end
High kyer fire, burn sess with friends
But I burn it with the best of them (Who!?)
The broken men, street soldiers striking out us with the leafy stem
High flyers with no focus, loads of Bush and pain
Knock it on to the punters and they're back again
Buy cheap, sell high and subsidise when to buy
And still I walk straight through this crimson tide
Yet you all polluting, don't know what one hit could provide
Best just step aside, I take a polemic glide way off into the stratosphere
Astro glazed, I'm being slayed from the potency
Toxicated commodity my property
Meditating with ease, the weed flows through my blood stream

[Chorus] {X2}

[Verse 3: Jehst]
Even the driest shit taste the good, all types of hybrid
The black resin smelling unpleasant when you light it
This is for the friends I got high with, by with
the glistening eyes and the Chinese eyelids
The sky-high kids from Hackney high rises to Rysmith
With their spliffs in a vice grip
Puffin' Northern Lights
and the smugglers who brought it over borderlines
Flying in for the Cannabis Cup
Till I damage a lung and my cabbage is broke
Either way I'm getting lean today and tomorrow never comes
so I'm sat in my drum strappin' fat shit, I'm done

[Chorus] {X2}